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How To Change The Background On A PS5

Want to know how to change your PS5 background?

This article will cover all the need-to-know about PS5 backgrounds.

There is currently no way to change the background on a PS5, nor are there any official statements from Sony to implement them soon. Sony stated that PS5 backgrounds were not their focus for the PS5 launch. Their efforts and resources went into constructing a stable and reliable gaming console. 

Alright, so you can’t change your PS5 background at this time. However, many other great customizable options exist on the PS5 to make your life much easier!

Let’s explore some of the most helpful PS5 settings for improving sound quality, controller battery life, Remote Play, microphone, in-game & notification settings, and much more!

How To Change The Background On A PS5

Any gamer will tell you that customization is the real end game! Nobody is more specific about what they want than gamers – there’s a reason why skins are so popular with gamers. Sadly, Sony seems to be lagging behind in that regard – there is currently no way to change the background on a PS5

Does Sony Have Any Plans For Background Themes? 

When the question regarding PS5 themes and backgrounds first reared its head, Sony stated that it was not part of their plans for launch. Although it makes sense to pour resources into building a stable gaming console, many gamers are still upset about it.

Customizable backgrounds first appeared with the PS3 and carried on with the PS4. When you remove something that someone has come to rely on, especially when it affects individuality, you’re bound to upset some people.  

The demand for customizable backgrounds and themes is certainly palpable, and there’s no doubt that Sony knows it. Thankfully they have never rejected the idea meaning it may very well be in the works. 

Some fans believe that the current system that applies a background according to the last game you play may prove troublesome for creating customizable backgrounds. Be that as it may, if Sony can create such a magnificent beast, then surely they can figure it out, right?

PS5 fans remain hopeful that Sony will meet gamers in the middle and return their customizable backgrounds. 

What Other PS5 Customization Options Do You Need?

Since our in-game hud is essential to us, surely our hud on the outside should matter too! Customizing your PS5 settings will help to enhance your gaming experience and get you into your favorite game in less time and without unnecessary interruptions. Let’s look at some of the best settings to customize. 

Set Up The Auto-Login Feature

Auto-Login is a must-have if you want to fire up your PS5 and jump straight into gaming.

To active it:

  • Open your PS5 Settings menu
  • Select Users and Accounts from the list
  • Go to Login Settings
  • Enable Log in to PS5 Automatically 

Enable HDMI Device Link

This feature allows gamers to control their PS5 with a TV remote, plus it can turn the PS5 on and off with the TV. 

Here’s how to turn it on:

  • Open your PS5  Settings menu
  • Select System from the list
  • Go to HDMI
  • Activate Enable HDMI Device Link

Remote Play

Remote Play enables gamers to play on their PS5 through their phone or computer using the Remote Play app. 

To set up Remote Play:

  • Open your PS5 Settings menu
  • Select System from the list
  • Go to Remote Play
  • Choose Enable Remote Play

USB Charging, Stay Connected To The Internet, Save Battery

The Supply Power to USB Ports feature lets you charge your controllers by plugging them into the USB ports. By setting it to 3 hours or “always,” you can charge your PS5 controllers in rest mode while allowing other accessories to stay connected. 

Among the same settings menu is Enable Turning On PS5 from Network. This unique option allows the PS5 to stay connected to the internet, meaning you can continue downloads through the Remote App. Furthermore, it automatically updates games even while in rest mode.  

Lastly, Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off comes highly recommended to save battery life and keep you gaming for longer. Play around and adjust it if you feel it’s too sudden.  

You can find these settings by going to:

  • Open the PS5 Settings menu
  • Choose System from the list
  • Go to Power Saving
  • Select Features Available in Rest Mode to enter a new menu
  • Enable Supply Power to USB Ports, set to 3 hours or “always”
  • Enable Stay Connected to the Internet
  • Go one menu back to the Power Savings menu
  • Select Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off, set to 10 minutes

Mute Your Mic During Solo Play

The PS5 controllers have a built-in mic that will be on by default, even though most gamers mute their mics when they play solo. You can save yourself time by having to do this every time you play by changing the settings of your PS5. 

To change your mic settings:

  • Open the PS5 Settings menu
  • Choose Sound from the list
  • Go to Microphone
  • Select Microphone Status When Logged In
  • Set it to Mute status

3D Headphone Users Can Improve Sound Quality

Sound quality is so much more than a gateway to immersion. It helps us with in-game sound cues that can give us an advantage, increasing our performance and enjoyment of the game. Remember, this will only make a difference if your headphones support 3D sound. 

To improve your sound quality:

  • Open the PS5 Settings menu
  • Choose Sound from the list
  • Go to Audio Output
  • Select Enable 3D Audio 
  • Next, select Adjust 3D Audio Profile
  • Choose the 3D Audio Profile that sounds the best to you

Dim Your Controller Indicators

It may seem unnecessary to dim controller indicators, but there’s a method to the madness. When controllers need to draw less power for lights, it will significantly prolong battery life and save you from charging your controllers frequently. 

  • Open the PS5 Settings menu
  • Choose Accessories from the list
  • Select Controllers 
  • Go to Brightness of Controller Indicators
  • Set it to Dim status

You can further tweak this setting by playing around with the Trigger Effect Intensity feature above Brightness of Controller Indicators if you feel the need

You Can Choose A Preset Game Difficulty

This feature is fantastic for gamers that like a challenge and play all their games on the hardest difficulty or those who enjoy casual gaming sessions. You can set games to pick a particular difficulty without setting it manually. Of course, you can re-adjust it in the game options, too. Remember, this feature only applies to games that offer difficulty settings.  

To access this feature:

  • Open the PS5 Settings menu
  • Choose Saved Data and Game/App settings from the list
  • Select Game Presets
  • Choose Difficulty and select from Easiest to Hardest

Choose Your Notification Settings

It can become annoying to receive notifications while watching or playing something, especially during a plot-twist cutscene! The notification settings allow you to decide what type of notifications you want to see and when you want to see them. 

To customize your notifications:

  • Open the PS5 Settings menu
  • Choose Notifications from the list
  • You can choose to disable Allow Pop-Up Notifications
  • If you disable Show Preview, you will not see a preview of notification details 
  • You can disable Game Invitations or manage them to show During Games, During Videos, or During Broadcasts.  

Capture Your Gameplay More Easily

This setting will be invaluable if you’re a content creator or enjoy making video montages and taking screenshots. 

If you select Easy Screenshots, you can take a screenshot with a single tap of the create button or save the last 30 seconds of gameplay when you double-tap the create button. 

On the other hand, with the Easy Video Clips, you can start and stop a manual recording by double-tapping the create button. 

Typically, you’ll want to select Easy Screenshots if you prefer to save recent gameplay and Easy Video Clips if you like to record your gameplay manually in real-time.   

To set up screenshot and record buttons:

  • Open the PS5 Settings menu
  • Choose Captures and Broadcasts at the bottom of the list
  • Go to Captures and select Shortcuts for Create Button
  • Choose Button Mapping and select Easy Screenshots or Easy Video Clips

You Can Record In 4K Resolution at 60 FPS

Who wouldn’t want to record in 4k resolution at 60 fps? It makes a massive difference to your video quality and makes it much more pleasurable to watch. 

However, recording in 4k resolution will force the file to be WebM which you must convert with computer software. 

Here’s how to record in 4K resolution:

  • Open the PS5 Settings menu
  • Choose Captures and Broadcasts from the list
  • Select Captures and then Video Clip Format
  • Go to Manual Recording Resolution
  • Change the recording resolution from 1920 x 1080 to 3840 x 2160 


Sony has yet to allow gamers to customize their PS5 backgrounds. However, its demand continues to grow, so gamers remain hopeful!