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How Much Does The PS5 Weigh?

Ever wonder how much your PS5 weighs?

This article covers everything about your PS5 weight and why it matters!

The standard edition, boxed PS5 positioned on its stand, weighs 9.9 lbs (4.5kg). An unboxed standard edition PS5 on its stand weighs 14.8 lbs (6.7kg). A digital edition PS5 console is a bit more lightweight, weighing 8.6 lbs (3.9kg) when you unbox it. Its heaviest component is its cooling fan. 

When it comes to maximizing graphics and managing lag, I’m sure you’d agree that power trumps size. Sony got it right this time, refusing to sacrifice performance for convenience. 

Let’s explore the components that make the PS5 heavy and how weight impacts traveling and shipping costs, etc. 

How Much Does The PS5 Weigh?

Knowing how much your PS5 weighs might seem insignificant, but the weight can help you decide whether its housing surface is strong enough to support it. It could also be helpful if you want to import a PS5 with an international carrier and calculate shipping costs. 

It’s no secret that the PS5 is one of the largest gaming consoles to date, no small thanks to its powerful hardware components. 

When you unbox a PS5 standard edition console and place it on its stand, it weighs 9.9 lbs (4.5kg). A boxed PS5, however, is 14.8 lbs (6.7 kg). The PS5 digital edition is a bit more lightweight, weighing 8.6 lbs (3.9kg) when you unbox it. 

Why Is The PS5 So Heavy?

Although the total weight of the PS5 stems from the sum of its components, it’s not the real reason for its size. 

Initially, Sony had plans to integrate two small cooling fans on both sides of the PS5 to help regulate the heat generated by the PS5 console. However, in the end, they opted for a cheaper and more straightforward solution by adding one massive fan!

Consequently, the PS5 console’s design had to be big enough to house the enormous fan to cool the GPU, RAM, and other hardware components. The massive fan boasts a 120mm/4.72” diameter, 45mm/1.77” thick, double-sided air intake fan. 

Is It Practical To Travel With A PS5?

How would you transport your PS5 if you have plans to travel or move abroad but don’t want to get rid of it? It may be that you’re going abroad for a year and want to take your gaming lifestyle with you. 

If the size and weight do not deter you from bringing it along, here’s what you need to know regarding airport and aircraft regulations. 

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) states that you can take a Sony PS5 console on an airline in either your carry-on or checked bag. When traveling through the security checkpoint with it and on the aircraft, you should treat it as a laptop.

Does The PS5’s Weight Make It Expensive To Ship?

Shipping costs will likely differ between FedEx, UPS, and USPS. That said, every shipping company needs to consider the size, traveling distance, and shipping method to determine their price. 

Shipping A PS5 With FedEx

FedEx is an excellent option to consider when transporting bulkier packages. They offer traditional retail shipping sites and FedEx OnSite outlets, which exist at places like Walgreens. You may either use your own packaging or buy packing supplies and have FedEx box the item for you.

Due to their network of outlets, and their tendency to handle heavier packages, they are generally the cheapest option for shipping. 

Shipping A PS5 With UPS

UPS is similar to FedEx in that they have numerous retail outlets across the country, plus you have the option to purchase packing materials at an additional cost. 

Despite sharing similarities with FedEx, they are a little more expensive than FedEx

Shipping a PS5 With USPS

The USPS is popular among Swappa merchants because they can ship smaller products like cellphones utilizing Flat Rate Priority shipping boxes. However, considering the size and weight of a PS5, you will not be eligible for Flat Rate delivery if you ship with USPS.

Since USPS specializes in shipping smaller products, it is the most expensive option for shipping your PS5. 

Does The Weight Of A PS5 Prevent It From Laying Flat?

Despite its enormous size and total weight, you can lay it flat to save space. Although the PS5’s initial announcement led to some confusion, both the standard and digital editions can lay flat. 

You will need to use the base to lay flat since the casing has a slight curve. Thankfully, the base comes with your PS5 purchase, so there’s no need to worry about a separate purchase. Furthermore, the base is adjustable if you want it higher off the ground. 


The standard edition PS5 weighs 9.9 lbs (4.5kg) since it utilizes CDs, while the digital edition weighs 8.6 lbs (3.9kg).