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PS4 Controller Lights (Troubleshooting Guide)

Are your PS4 controller lights giving you gray hairs?

This article will be your PS4 controller light troubleshooting guide to fix the thorn in your side and get you gaming again!

You can shut off PS4 controller lights by holding down the PlayStation button for 10 – 15 seconds. A blinking red light indicates you must swap out faulty batteries or reset the controller. A solid white light means Bluetooth connectivity issues, while a flashing white light indicates loose cables. 

PS4 controller issues often pounce when we least expect it, like during a game or leaving to grab a drink. 

We’ll delve into some of the most common issues with PS4 controller lights so that you can match the lights to the source of the problem. For instance, if you see a blinking red light, you’ll know to look to your batteries, while a white light has to do with connectivity. 

PS4 Controller Lights (Troubleshooting Guide)

When a PS4 controller has issues with its lights, there can be varying reasons. Flickering and red or white lights may indicate low battery power, faulty batteries, BlueTooth connectivity issues, or internal controller problems. 

Fortunately, you can employ several methods to help you get your PS4 controller working. 

How Do You Turn Off A PS4 Controller Light?

You may experience an issue with your PS4 controller lights staying on indefinitely. Fortunately, you don’t need to wait for the controller to run out of battery power – press and hold down the PlayStation button in the center for ten to fifteen seconds, and it will turn off. 

How Do You Get Rid Of A PS4 Controller Blinking Red Light?

When your PS4 controller indicates a blinking red light, it may indicate a faulty battery, or you need to reset the controller. 

Resetting the PS4 controller is quick and easy:

  1. Get ahold of a paperclip or a thin needle.
  2. Turn the controller over and look for the small reset button at the back.
  3. Insert the paperclip or needle and hold the reset button for around 10 seconds.
  4. Afterward, connect the PS4 controller to the console and press the PlayStation button.

If resetting the PS4 controller doesn’t work, try swapping current batteries for a fresh set. 

You may also want to get a dock charger to test whether there are any problems with the charge port on the back of the PS4 controller. 

How To Fix A PS4 Controller Blinking White Light

If your PS4 controller has a blinking white light, there’s a good chance you need to check the USB cable. 

When you connect your PS4 to the controller for the first time, it does require that you plug the controller into the PlayStation 4 console. Afterward, it will tell you to press the PlayStation button. 

If the console still blinks white after connecting your controller, you need to swap out the micro-USB cable for another micro-USB cable. At this point, it should fix itself. 

Resetting The Console Can Also Help Fix The Issue

Another quick solution that people recommend is resetting the PlayStation 4 console. 

To reset the console:

  1. Hold down the console power button for about 10 seconds and wait for your console to shut down.
  2. Unplug the console from the wall outlet and other wiring connected to the console. Wait a couple of minutes before plugging it in again, don’t do it immediately.
  3. After a couple of minutes, connect all the wiring and plug it back into the wall outlet.
  4. Power on your PS4 console and plug in your USB cable; check that it’s working. 
  5. Once you’re satisfied that it’s working, plug one end into your PS4 console and the other end into your PS4 controller.
  6. Press the PlayStation button in the controller’s center; you should see that the controller switches on the PS4 console. 

If the issue persists, then reset the PS4 controller by doing the following:

  1. Turn the PS4 controller around and locate the reset button.
  2. Grab a thin metal object like a small needle or a paperclip to insert into the reset button, and hold it down for approximately 10 seconds. 
  3. Afterward, press the PlayStation button in the controller’s center to switch on the PS4 console. 
  4. At this point, your controller should work.

Constant Flashing Lights Might Indicate Flat Batteries

If no fixes seem to want to work, it may be that you need to change the batteries. The easiest way to check for faulty or flat batteries is to insert them into another controller.

If you don’t have an extra controller, consider asking a friend who might have one and ask them if you can test the battery with their controller. 

Similarly, you may also want to connect the entire PS4 controller to a different PS4 console to test whether the problem lies with your console or controller. 

If your PS4 console is not turning on or accepting any new controllers, you may need to update your PS4 console. 

How To Fix An Unresponsive PS4 Controller With A White Light

When your PS4 controller has a solid white light and does not respond to your inputs, you need to check your Bluetooth connectivity. 

Since your controller is not working, use a second controller or borrow one from a friend so you can navigate to your PS4 console settings. 

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Switch on your PS4 console with a different controller
  2. Go to the main Settings menu
  3. Choose Devices, and then Bluetooth Devices
  4. Once you’re in the Bluetooth Devices menu, switch on the bad controller
  5. Try to connect the bad controller. If it does not connect, navigate to the Controllers tab and ensure the communication method is set to Use Bluetooth, not Use USB cable.

This process is sometimes necessary because Bluetooth technology is not infallible. When you start up your PS4 console using the controller’s center PlayStation button, it will sometimes not connect and leave a solid white color to indicate a Bluetooth connectivity issue. 

To minimize the chances of the problem reoccurring, try to switch on your PS4 console using the console’s power button. Do not sign in immediately, but instead wait a minute or two. 

After waiting a minute or two, go ahead and switch on your PS4 controller and sign in. The waiting period helps the Bluetooth technology between the controller and console establish a connection.

You Can Contact PlayStation Support To Diagnose The Issue

If you try every fix and none of them yield any results, but purchasing a new controller is not an option, you may want to consider contacting PlayStation Support. They should be able to help you diagnose the issue and give you advice on whether to repair it or get a replacement.


When your PS4 controller has a flashing red light, it could mean that you need to swap the current batteries for fresh ones, or the controller is faulty, and you need to reset it. 

A solid white light and an unresponsive controller refer to Bluetooth connectivity issues between the controller and the PS4 console. If you see a flashing white light instead of a solid one, check your USB cable and other cables – some wires may be loose and aren’t connecting properly.