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Can You Use A PS4 Power Cord For PS5?

If you lose your PS5 cord, can you use your PS4 power cord for your PS5? Is a PS4 power cord compatible with any other devices? Let’s find out!

You can use a PS4 power cord for a PS5. You can also use any of the following power cords: PS3, PS Slim, PS4, PS4 Slim, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X. All of these cords are compatible with the stand PS5’s 350 watts and the PS5’s Digital Edition’s 340 watts. 

Let’s explore questions regarding the PS5 power cord and look at the answers to ensure you know everything you need about power cords that are compatible with PS5s.

PS5 Power Cord Questions And Answers

Here are potential questions about your PS5 cord, answers, and tips on how to solve any issues you might encounter.

Does The PS5 Need A Power Cord To Function?

The PS5 needs a power cord to operate. Your PS5 will be useless without the power cord, cable, adapter box, and brick to connect and play your PS5. 

These essential items usually come in the box with your PS5 when you purchase the PS5. However, if you do run into issues or lose any of the pieces of equipment, your local tech retailer should have replacements on offer. 

What Power Cable Does The PS5 Need?

The PS5 uses the AC adapter power cable with the C7 connector. You may know the C7 connector by other names such as “figure 8,” “shotgun,” or “infinity.” These names are all synonyms for the C7 connector.

This cable is used for my other electronic devices; therefore, you might find one of these cables lying around the house. If you have one of these at home, it is safe to use it for your PS5.

The standard power cable that comes in the PS5 box is 3 feet. However, if you desire a longer length, some third-party manufacturers offer replacement cables that are exponentially longer. 

How Many Amps Of Power Does PS5s Need?

Knowing how many amps your PS5 needs is crucial to selecting a power cord to use on your PS5. 

The last thing you want is to purchase a power cord with too few amps and have your PS5 not power up or overheat the power supply. Additionally, you don’t want to buy a power cord with too many amps because then too many amps may be drawn, which could cause damage to your PS5.

Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase a C7 power cord that supplies 10 amps of power to your PS5.

Does Sony Sell Replacement PS5 Power Cords?

Sony does not currently sell replacement PS5 power cords. Therefore, you’ll have to purchase a replacement power cord from a tech store. 

Retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and Target sell suitable plugs that will get your PS5 up and running in no time. Alternatively, you can visit online stores like Amazon and select your preferred power cord from their vast range of power cords. Your product should arrive within 24 hours if you use Amazon Prime or a few days later with standard delivery.

However, if your cable arrives damaged or damage occurs within the warranty, you should contact Sony to see if they can assist.

Factors To Consider When Choosing PS5 Replacement Power Cord 

When choosing a PS5 replacement power cord, you ideally want to get a replacement power cord that is durable, long, and affordable. Let’s take a closer look at considerations when choosing a PS5 replacement power cord.

Volts And Amps Of PS5 Replacement Power Cord

The most crucial factor to consider when choosing a PS5 cord is the volts and amps of the power cord you purchase. The PS5 power cord has 125 volts and 10 amps. 

The PS5 is dual voltage. Therefore, the PS5 can accept 110-120V connections and 220-240V connections. In this regard, the cable you purchase must be within these ranges, and the power cord should deliver 10 amps of power to your PS5. 

Protection Offered By PS5 Replacement Power Cord

When choosing a replacement power cord for your PS5, you want to ensure that the power cord you select offers voltage protection, short circuit protection, and protection against overheating. 

Purchasing a PS5 replacement power cord with surge protection is essential because the surge protector will detect excess voltage and divert the excess voltage into the grounding wire. Apart from the protective mechanism that surge protectors offer, they are also handy for reducing cable clutter, ensuring that you have some organization when using your electronics.

A cable with short circuit protection is crucial because it protects against excessive currents and currents exceeding the acceptable current rating of your PS5. Short circuit protection is particularly impressive because it isolates any fault in time to limit the rise in temperature within the cable, providing restraint against electro-dynamic forces developing during an earth fault or short circuit fault. 

Additionally, protection against overheating is valuable because it ensures cable integrity and efficiency by preventing the cables from melting, burning, or setting the wiring on fire. 

Length Of The PS5 Replacement Power Cord

The standard PS5 power cord is 3 feet long. If the 3-foot length of your original PS5 power cord suits your preference, then it’s not necessary to choose a longer cable. However, if you felt that the 3-foot-long cable did not give you enough wiggle room, you’ll be pleased to know that there are longer cables on the market.

PS5 replacement cords come in various lengths, including 5-ft, 10-ft, and 12-ft options. Power cords in these lengths are relatively easy to find in-store or online. If you search hard enough, you might find a 25-ft cable!

Durability Of The PS5 Replacement Power Cord

If you’re buying a PS5 replacement cord because the previous one broke, the last thing you want is for your new power cord to break too. 

Your PS5 cord is likely to get trampled on and kicked around as it lies on the floor, so you’ll need to make sure you purchase a durable replacement power cord. Power cords with surge protectors are known to be durable, making them a good investment for your PS5.

Affordability Of The PS5 Replacement Power Cord

Naturally, you will want to find an affordable yet durable power cord for your PS5. Good quality PS5 replacement power cords begin at around $8. However, the prices depend on the length of the power cord and the protection the power cord offers.

Indicators That Your PS5 Power Cord Needs To Be Replaced

Here are a few indicators that it is time for you to use your PS4 power cord on your PS5 or buy a replacement PS5 power cord.

Display Issues Indicate You Need To Replace PS5 Power Cord

If you experience display issues like light dimming, flickering, or lowered graphics quality, it might be caused by a loss of power stemming from your power cord. 

Display issues are likely due to a failed power unit and will require you to invest the power cord for irregularities.

Loss Of Power Indicate You Need To Replace PS5 Power Cord

Experiencing a loss of power when you’re in the middle of a PS5 game may indicate a short in your power cable or power supply.

If you reboot your console and find that you lose power again, inspect your power cable to see for any issues. If you have a spare C7 power cord from your PS4, try using it to determine if the power issue lies with the power cord.

Physical Damage Indicates You Need To Replace PS5 Power Cord

Naturally, you can assume your PS5 power cord needs to be replaced if it has been significantly physically damaged.

Even if your damaged power cord is still working, it is best to replace it because using a damaged power cord might result in an electrical issue arising in the future.

Power-On Issues Indicate You Need To Replace PS5 Power Cord

If your PS5 console does not power on, it might be due to an issue with your power cord or your power supply box. If you have a PS4 power cord at hand, to be sure that the issue lies with the power cord, try using your PS4 power cord to turn on your PS5. If your console turns on using the PS4 power cord, then you know the issue lies with the power cord, not the power box. 


You can use a PS4 power cord for a stand PS5’s 350 watts and the PS5’s Digital Edition 340 watts. Your PS5 power cord might need to be replaced if you are experiencing difficulty turning your console on, having display issues, or find that your power cords are damaged.

When choosing a PS5 replacement power cord, take into account the price, length, durability, and protection the power cord offers. Importantly, bear in mind that the PS5 is dual voltage and can accept 110-120V connections and 220-240V connections. Ideally, select a replacement cord with 125 volts and 10 amps, as that will be the same as the standard PS5 cord.