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Xbox One Power Supply Orange Light (Power Brick Fix)

Your Xbox One power brick displays orange, and you’ve tried turning it on and off again. You’ve also tried pushing the dashboard button and waiting for a few minutes … nothing. Now what?

You’re stuck with a broken Xbox One that won’t turn on, and to make matters worse, you don’t even have a power cord to test the console with. 

When your Xbox One’s Power Brick light displays an orange light, your console is on standby. Your console is not receiving enough power, so it doesn’t turn on. To resolve this issue, you need to unplug your power brick and wait for ten whole minutes before turning the console back on again.

In this quick guide, I’ll show you a simple fix to the most common orange light problem on the Xbox One – without any hassles.

How Do I Fix My Malfunctioning Xbox One Power Brick Orange Light?

When you plug your Xbox One in and push the power button to turn it on, it starts to power up and opens the home screen. This is not always the case when you see the orange light show on your power brick. 

This indicates that your Xbox is not booting up, and you are left with a black screen as a result. When you turn on the console, the power bricks indicator light might turn white for a second and then change to a solid orange light. 

The orange light is an indication that your console has entered into an energy-saving state, that is due to built-in surge protection. It so happens that the steady orange light on the power brick is usually a result of power supply interruptions. 

If your Xbox One wasn’t powered down correctly, it could cause it not to power back up correctly, and therefore you are left with the steady orange light. Furthermore, a few other factors can also contribute to your Xbox console not booting up, and this can be attributed to a clogged power brick or a damaged power cord. 

If your Xbox One console is not receiving sufficient power from the outlet due to a problem with the power cord, or the power brick, that is when you will see the steady orange light. Let us look at a few ways that we can use to troubleshoot and fix this issue ourselves.

Reset The Xbox One Power Brick

Your first step to troubleshooting your power brick problem on your Xbox One is to reset your power supply. When you perform a power supply reset, you effectively allow the power to be drained from the console’s capacitors. 

It may sound like one of the easiest things to do, but this is generally the first step in troubleshooting this issue. To perform a power supply reset, remove all power cables from your Xbox One and unplug the power from the electrical outlet. 

When you have fully unplugged your power supply, let it stand for a little while, at least for ten minutes. The orange light on the power brick will disappear. After waiting for ten minutes, you can reconnect all the power cables and plug in your console to the electrical outlet. Turn on the console once again, and check whether the problem persists.

Clean Out The Power Brick

Having a good, clean power supply on your Xbox One is an excellent preventative measure to avoid future power issues from interrupting your gaming experience. If you have a blocked power supply, or if your power brick has accumulated dust and dirt, there is a good chance that this is one of the causes of your console’s power supply issues. 

Dust can cause your power brick to clog up and retain heat resulting in damage to the power brick. As a result, your console wouldn’t power up since it is not receiving enough power from the power supply. Therefore, it is always good to clean your power supply and ensure nothing interferes with the power supply to your power brick. 

Once you have cleaned your power brick and console from any dust and dirt, power up your console again, and check whether the problem persists.

Checking Your Power Cable And Power Brick

If you have followed the above basic steps and still encounter the power brick issue, your next steps are to inspect your power cable and brick. After inspecting your power cables, you discover some damaged cables; this is another pointer to the power supply issues on your power brick. 

Your power supply could have gone wrong after several power outages, resulting in insufficient power reaching your console, causing it not to power up. 

Furthermore, there are some instances where the pins on the power cable have gotten damaged or broken off and bent, which will cause the power brick not to receive power. 

Therefore, the first thing that you should inspect is your power cable to ensure that all the pins on the plug are intact. In this case, try using a backup power brick if you have one available. If your console boots up with the backup power unit, you have found the cause of your Xbox One power issues. 

Xbox One – Performing A Hard Reset

In some instances, the problem on your Xbox One is caused by some settings on your Xbox or residual cache files. In this instance, doing a hard reset on your Xbox console might do the trick! 

Do not worry, though, as doing a hard reset will not erase all of your data, just the temporary cache files. In addition, some settings are reset back to their original factory settings, but your data will still be intact. 

When performing a hard reset on your console, press and hold down the power button on the top of your Xbox for about ten seconds while your console is still plugged in. As the screen turns off, start to release the power button and disconnect all power cables from your console for ten seconds. 

After doing this, reconnect all your power cables once again, and turn on your console to verify if the issue persists.

Xbox One Power Brick Light Blinking Orange Constantly

If you are faced with the issue of your power bricks light flashing orange constantly, then you have a deeper problem that indicates an internal issue. Your power brick will be unable to receive or transmit any power. 

In this situation, you will need to replace your power brick with a new one. If you discover that the light turns yellow and your Xbox console is still functioning, you need to get it serviced by a reputable service agent. 

Your Xbox One has a ten-year lifespan if you keep it in good condition. If your console is more than ten years old, maybe it is time to upgrade to a newer Xbox model.


Now that you know what’s wrong with your Xbox One and where you can go to get it fixed, it will be smoother sailing in the world of Xbox One gaming. Hopefully, your next Xbox One won’t have this problem. 

If not, remember that there are plenty of resources to provide you with all the information you need. From forums and message boards to user-run websites dedicated to Xbox One power supplies, you have several resources to help you troubleshoot the problem quickly and painlessly.