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Xbox One Won’t Turn On But Beeps (Quick & Easy Fix)

Is your Xbox beeping, but won’t turn on?

This is a common occurrence for most Xbox One consoles to be sent in for repairs.

Luckily, there are quick and easy fixes you can do right at home to get you back into gaming in no time. So, what is a quick and easy fix for it?

Some of the best ways to fix an Xbox One that won’t turn on after hearing a beep are as follows:

  1. Power Cycle The Xbox
  2. Resetting The Internal Supply
  3. Insert A Disk Upon Starting Up Your Xbox
  4. Repeatedly Press The Eject Button
  5. Remove Any USB Or External HDD
  6. Do A Three-Way Combination Reset

One of the most common issues consumers describe is that their console begins to beep but will not start. As a result, this guide may be the solution to save you a trip to the repair center. So, to possibly save you extra cash on repairs, let’s look at the quick and easy fixes mentioned above and how to apply them.

Xbox One Beeps But Won’t Startup: Quick & Easy Fix

So your Xbox One console beeps but does not power on anymore?

Several solutions can help you diagnose the issue and get the system back up and gaming in no time! So, starting with resetting the internal supply, here’s what you should try.

1. Power Cycle The Xbox

Many everyday problems can be resolved by restarting, completing a power cycle, or physically disconnecting your Xbox system. Don’t worry; none of your games or data will be erased during this procedure.

  • Step 1: Hold the Xbox button on the front of the system for roughly 10 seconds. The console will switch off as a result of this.
  • Step 2: Press the Xbox button on the console or the Xbox button on your controller to turn your console back on.

Repeat the instructions if the boot-up light does not appear when the console restarts. Remember to keep the power button down until the console shuts off entirely.

Note: If your system is in instant-on power mode, the procedures above will effectively turn it off. Instant-on mode, or the ability to switch on your Xbox by saying “Xbox on,” will not be available until the system is restarted.

2. Resetting The Internal Supply

If your Xbox system beeps but doesn’t switch on, it might be due to a poorly connected power source or another issue. The internal power source of the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One X, and Xbox One S works in all areas across the world. So your console could just require a power reset if it won’t turn on. Unfortunately, the power supply resetting frequently causes power problems after a power spike.

Follow these procedures to reset the internal power supply:

  • Step 1: Disconnect the console’s power cable.
  • Step 2: Wait for ten seconds.
  • Step 3: Reconnect the system’s power cord, then click the Xbox button on the front of the console.

The internal power reset was successful if the console turned on and functioned as usual. If the problem reappears, repeat the procedure.

3. Insert A Disk Upon Starting Up Your Xbox

There might be several reasons why your Xbox won’t startup. One of these is the launcher’s failure to read the required files (if it’s not the hardware, it’s the software). 

Inserting a disk into the drive to execute new instructions and upon powering up, such as reading a disk, is a simple method to get the system to fall back on its standard startup procedures. This approach will work if you don’t already have a disk in your Disc Drive.

  • Step 1: Start by turning off your Xbox and partly placing a CD into the disc drive slot. You don’t want the disk to be too deep in; otherwise, the Xbox will not power on. Next, slide the disk to the point it can balance independently.
  • Step 2: As you power it on and hear the beep noise, carefully insert the CD into the disk drive, and the Xbox should recognize it, execute new command codes, and turn on.
  • Step 3: Now that your Xbox is on, it would be best to remove the game from the disk tray and power the Xbox from the Xbox software. As a result, your Xbox should power on and off correctly again, moving forward.

Technology is not perfect. Often, power spikes, power trips, dust build-up, or not even powering off your Xbox in the correct way can result in faulty launch proprieties. So always be sure you have a healthy routine for powering your Xbox on and off. 

4. Repeatedly Press The Eject Button

Another way for your Xbox One to break its faulty loop is by pressing the eject button repeatedly for your console to focus on a new task. This approach does not necessitate the use of a disc in the tray. Again, the idea is to get the system to focus on something else, like removing the tray. Furthermore, several forum users have said that this is their remedy to the issue.

  • Step 1: Right after powering on your Xbox, repeatedly tap your eject button.
  • Step 2: If this does not work, try powering off your Xbox by holding down the power button on your Xbox and repeatedly tapping the eject button. Once it is off, try repeating step 1 to see if it has resolved the issue.

There is always a technique to the terror. If this process works, that would be another indicator that it was a software-related issue that could result from too much dust, overheating, or your Xbox being powered off incorrectly.

5. Remove Any USB Or External HDD

Remove any USB connectors and an external HDD (if you’re using one) from the Xbox while it’s switched off for this step. After that, tap the power button for it to turn on.

As a result, It should be able to start on its own. Next, once it boots up regularly, you may reconnect the USB cords and the HDD. The reason behind this is that it may not register the USB connections correctly upon starting up and, as a result, fail to execute the necessary launch protocols. 

6. Do A Three-Way Combination Reset

This approach works the same way as hitting the CTRL+ALT+DLT keys on your computer. However, because this is a tricky remedy, you’ll need to follow all of the steps for it to work.

  • Step 1: Start by holding down the sync, eject, and power buttons for 10 seconds. 
  • Step 2: Release the eject button after 10 seconds and wait 15 seconds before releasing all the buttons.
  • Step 3: Next, tap the power button once more and long-press the sync button, but if it still doesn’t work, press the sync button a few times while holding the power button. After that, your Xbox should be able to boot correctly.

When you’ve done everything correctly, you’ll see a unique menu appear on your screen with the option to reset the system. You wish to reset the system to factory defaults by pressing the button. When you press this, you’ll be given a choice to store games and programs on your hard drive. 

You’ll want to ensure this option is selected so you don’t have to re-download all of your games and applications. I anticipated that this procedure would take some time; however, it may take 10-15 minutes to go back to your dashboard.


It might be aggravating being unable to follow the simple pattern of turning on your Xbox and relaxing into some well-deserved gaming time. That said, these techniques have shown to be effective in the past and can be the answer you’ve been looking for. If none of the above tactics work, you may need to seek the help of a professional. 

In addition, it would be best if you did not attempt to open any of the components yourself since you may damage the Xbox. Finally, remember to take care of your Xbox One by properly turning it off and cleaning it regularly to guarantee that you have a longer and more enjoyable gaming experience.