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Why Are My AirPods Cutting Out? (Quick Fix!)

Not knowing why your AirPods are cutting out can be very frustrating, making it valuable to know quick fixes that will ensure your AirPods stop cutting out.

Your AirPods are cutting out because you have a connectivity irregularity with your Bluetooth or your AirPods. You can fix your AirPods by resetting your Bluetooth, resetting your AirPods, updating your software, and ensuring that you remain within a 10-meter range of your connected device.

Let’s explore potential reasons why your AirPods are cutting out and determine quick fixes to ensure your AirPods work effectively.

Reasons Why Your AirPods Are Cutting Out And Quick Fixes

Here are potential reasons why your AirPods are cutting out and quick fixes that can help you to get your AirPods to stop cutting out.

AirPods Cut Out Due To Bluetooth Between Device And AirPods

AirPods cutting out due to a Bluetooth disconnect between the device and AirPods are a common issue. If your AirPods have cut out, your first point of call should be to try to reset your device’s Bluetooth.

You can reset your Bluetooth by going to your settings, selecting Bluetooth, and selecting the toggle “Bluetooth off.” Wait approximately one minute, then select the toggle “Bluetooth on.”

After turning your Bluetooth off and on, turn your AirPods on, reselect your AirPods and try to connect to the device again.

Alternatively, you can use your swipe-down function on your device’s home screen and click on the blue Bluetooth icon to turn it off. A sign that your Bluetooth has turned off is that your blue Bluetooth icon will have turned grey.

Once your Bluetooth icon has turned grey, wait approximately one minute, and then click on the grey Bluetooth icon so that it turns blue. Your Bluetooth sign turning blue again indicates that your Bluetooth has been turned on.

If you are not successful in restoring a stable connection to your AirPods, try to repeat the process. Before repeating the process, perhaps turn your device off and then repeat the process.

AirPods Cut Out Due To Your Airpods Settings

Your AirPods may be cutting out because of an irregularity with your Airpods setting. Resetting your Airpods may assist you if your AirPods are cutting out. 

Unfortunately, resetting your AirPods will take more work than resetting your Bluetooth. However, resetting your AirPods offer you a good shot at getting your AirPods to stop cutting out.

To reset your Airpods setting, you will need to go to your settings feature, select the Bluetooth tab and find your Airpods tab. Subsequently, click on the info button, which will generally look like the letter “i” within a circle. 

Once you have entered the “info” section, select the option “Forget This Device.” Clicking on “Forget This Device” will remove your AirPods as a Bluetooth device connected to your relevant device.

To confirm your AirPods have been removed as a connection from your device, look under the heading “My devices” and check that your AirPods are no longer listed as one of the connected devices.

Once you have confirmed that your AirPods have been removed, you can proceed to reconnect your AirPods to the relevant device.

To reconnect your AirPods to your device, start by ensuring that your Bluetooth is on. Place both of your AirPods in the charging case and open the charging case’s lid.

Press and firmly hold down the button at the back of your AirPods charging case until the charge case status light blinks a white color.

Once the white light appears, a notification should pop up on your device screen, requesting that your AirPods connect to your device.

When the notification pops up, select “Connect.” Wait a few seconds, enter your settings tab and click on the Bluetooth tab. You should find your AirPods linked as a device. 

After your AirPods connect, play your favorite song and check if it plays smoothly. You should find that your AirPods have connected to the device and are no longer cutting out.

AirPods Cut Out Due To The Distance Between Device And AirPods

Your AirPods connect to your device via Bluetooth. Bluetooth requires you to be within a specific range for your AirPods to function adequately. If you walk too far from the relevant device connected to your AirPods, that may be why your AirPods cut out.

To ensure that your AirPods do not disconnect due to the distance between the device and AirPods, try to stay within a reasonable range from the device connected to your AirPods.

It is suggested that the one remains within a 30 feet (9 meters) distance from the device connected to your AirPods to prevent your AirPods from cutting out.

AirPods Cut Out Due To Device Faults

It is common for AirPods to cut out due to faults with your device instead of any fault being found with your AirPods. 

Resetting your device may fix any connectivity issues concerning your AirPods. 

There are two ways for you to reset your device. You can power down your device entirely or reset your network settings.

Turning your device power on and off to fix an issue is an old-school fix for any device issue. The power off-on approach is effective primarily due to your device rebooting, consequently clearing the current state of your phone’s software, thereby cleaning any minor issues your phone may be experiencing.

If you have a recent iPhone model, power down your phone by pressing and holding the side button and volume button simultaneously. However, if you have an older iPhone model, you will merely need to hold down the side button of your phone.

If you would like to reset your network settings, it is essential to note that this action will remove all previous Bluetooth connections and disconnect you from any active networks to which your device is connected.

To reset your network settings, head to the “Settings” tab and scroll down to find the “General” tab. At the bottom of the “General” tab, you will find the option to click “Reset.” Select the “Reset” option and select the “Reset Network Settings.”

After following these steps, you will find that your AirPods are removed as a Bluetooth connection. Proceed to reconnect your AirPods to your device.

AirPods Cut Out Due To Dirty Earplugs or Charging Ports

Dirt and grime have the potential to negatively affect the functioning of all technical devices, and AirPods are no exception. 

Back in the day, when you used ordinary earphones with cords, it’s likely that you had to clean your earphones every now and then. While you might have had to wipe off a bit of earwax, you likely also had to wipe out some dirt that collected while your earphones were lying at the bottom of your backpack.

Check your AirPods speakers to see if any earwax or dirt may be causing any issues. Additionally, check that dirt has not entered your AirPods charging port.

Using a Q-tip to gently wipe your speakers, the bottom metal ring of the AirPods, and the charging port can effectively prevent your AirPods from cutting out.

AirPods Cut Out Due To Outdated Software

iPhone software is regularly updated and improved, with any bugs being fixed. Ensuring that your device has the latest software ensures that your device is functioning optimally.

If your device is running outdated software, your outdated software may have created a problem with your Airpod’s Bluetooth connection, causing your AirPods to cut out.

Regularly updating your device software is a great way to prevent potential issues from arising. Turn on your automatic updates to ensure that your device will schedule updates at night when connected to WiFi.

To update your software, head to the “Settings” tab on your device. Scroll to the “General” tab and select “Software Update.” Subsequently, choose “Automatic Updates” and select the toggles “Download iOS updates and “Install iOS updates.”

Once you have turned on these two options, click back to the “Software Update” and check for any available updates. If there is an available update, select “Install Now.” Once you have updated your software, you should find that your AirPods are no longer cutting out.

AirPods Cut Out Due To Other Bluetooth Devices Nearby

Your AirPods may be cutting out because there is an interference between your AirPods and other devices. 

You may be able to stop your AirPods from cutting out by turning off the Bluetooth of other Bluetooth devices nearby if they are not in use. 

In an extreme case, you may have to go into your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings and select “Forget This Device” for each nearby Bluetooth device linked to your device.

Alternatively, a less drastic approach could be to turn off the devices nearby to ensure that there are no interferences occurring. 


AirPods can cut out for a variety of reasons ranging from dirty AirPods to outdated software and Bluetooth connectivity interferences. You can fix your AirPods if they are cutting out by cleaning your AirPods, updating your device software, or resetting your Bluetooth settings.