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How To Charge AirPods Without Case (Read This First!)

Do you need to charge your AirPods without your case?

Can it be done? We did some research of our own.

Despite many hacks claiming to work for charging your AirPods without a case, the truth is that you need a case to charge them. Many of these hacks are flaky at best and dangerous at worst. You could purchase a new AirPod case or borrow one from a friend to charge your AirPods if you lose your case. 

With so many answers available on the internet, you might feel confused about which hacks work and which hacks are outright lies. To put your mind at ease, none of the hacks work, and they’re either sketchy or dangerous.

This article discusses some of the bogus hacks that claim to solve the problem of charging AirPods without a charging case and what to do when you’ve lost your AirPod charging case. 

Charging AirPods Without A Case – Is It Possible?

As we’ve made clear in the section above, you cannot charge your Apple AirPods without a charging case. So if you’ve lost your Airpod charging case, your only option is to buy a replacement case. Fortunately, there are many replacement options for a lost AirPod case, which we will discuss later in this article. 

First, however, let’s discuss the most popular “hacks” for charging AirPods without a case and why they don’t work or are potentially dangerous. 

Hack 1: Using A Narrow Point Charger To Charge AirPods

This hack claims that you can charge your AirPods using a narrow point charger, like those used to charge old Nokia phones. Apparently, you simply place the charging point on one of the AirPod’s charging points, and the AirPods should charge. 

This is a bogus hack for a few reasons. First, your AirPod’s charging connections don’t resemble a narrow point charger at all. AirPods have two very tiny connection points from which they charge when placed in their case.

Trying to charge your AirPods with a narrow point charger is as good as charging them with your regular iPhone charger. It’s a futile effort and won’t deliver any results. 

The second reason you shouldn’t try charging your AirPods with a narrow point charger is that it can potentially ruin them. On the off chance that you do manage to get a current flowing from the narrow point charger to the AirPods, the current is not equivalent to the one your AirPods receive in their charging case. 

This means that your AirPods can get damaged or ruined from the unstable current they are charged with. Therefore, this hack is not only senseless but also potentially dangerous. Don’t try to charge your AirPods with a narrow point charger. 

Hack 2: Downloading An App To Wirelessly Charge AirPods

There are many wonderful apps available on the market, and many do lovely things. However, some internet users claim that one App can magically convert your phone into a wireless charger that you can then use to charge the AirPods. 

According to one article, you download an App from an unreliable website. Then, you open the download and download two more unrelated Apps. By running both these Apps on your phone, you can charge your AirPods. 

You don’t have to be techy to understand that this is a preposterous idea for several reasons. The first one is that AirPods cannot charge wirelessly. Although some newer generation AirPod cases can charge wirelessly, the AirPods themselves cannot. Therefore, using any wireless charging station will not work for charging AirPods.

The second reason why this hack will not work is that it makes no sense. How can downloading three unrelated Apps and running them simultaneously turn your phone into a wireless charger that can charge your AirPods? It can’t. This method is senseless, and the science is questionable at best. 

The third and most important reason you shouldn’t try this hack is that the Apps are downloaded from a suspicious website. You can’t find this App on any App-store, and downloading Apps from untrusted websites can lead to all sorts of problems, including your phone being hacked or getting viruses. 

For these reasons, you should avoid attempting either of these “hacks” to charge your Airpods without a case. However, now that we have discussed the problems you face when losing your AirPod charging case, we can move on to the solutions. So what can you do when you lost your AirPod charging case?

What To Do When AirPod Charging Case Is Lost?

When you first notice your AirPod charging case is missing, you might start to panic and frantically search for it. Then, you might think that you can use your tracking App to locate the case. But unfortunately, the tracking App only works for the AirPods themselves and not for the charging case. 

Unless you purchased an Apple AirTag, which you attached to your AirPod case, you would not be able to track the case and locate it. However, getting an AirTag for it is not a bad idea when you find it or buy a replacement case. You can purchase an Apple AirTag on Amazon or at your local iStore. 

If you haven’t been able to find your AirPod charging case, you only have one option. That is to replace the AirPod charging case as this is the only way to charge your AirPods. However, you don’t have to buy a brand new AirPod charging case. Here are some replacement options for your AirPod charging case. 

1. Buy A Replacement AirPod Case

While this is not the only option when you lose your AirPod charging case, it is ultimately the best one. You can purchase AirPod charging cases separately from iStore or Amazon. You also don’t need to buy the specific model of your AirPods, as any AirPod charging case will work for charging them. 

When you receive your new AirPod charging case, you will have to reconnect it to your phone, and it should work perfectly from thereon. After that, you can use this case to charge your AirPods safely and flawlessly. 

2. Borrow An AirPod Charging Case

As you don’t need a specific AirPod case to charge your AirPods, you can also get by by borrowing a charging case from a friend or family member. However, when doing so, you will constantly have to reset your AirPods to sync with the case, and so will they. 

This is an excellent solution in an emergency situation. However, getting a replacement case is ultimately the best course of action in the long run. Although it might be a costly replacement, you cannot charge your Airpods by any other means than a charging case. So get an AirTag to put on your new AirPod case, and you shouldn’t lose it again. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are various other frequently asked questions regarding AirPod charging cases. So, we thought we’d save you the trouble of searching for the answers by answering them right here. 

1. Can You Use A Knockoff AirPod Charging Case?

Some knockoff charging cases might work for charging your AirPods. However, other knockoffs won’t work, and you would have wasted your money. If you buy a replacement AirPod charging case, the best advice is to buy a real Apple AirPod replacement case. This way, you’re sure it will work and won’t damage your AirPods in any way. 

2. Does AppleCare Replace Lost AirPod Cases?

If you have AppleCare, you might be wondering if they replace AirPod cases. They do, but only if the case is damaged, in which case you will have to send them the case for inspection. If you lose the case, they won’t replace it for free, and you will have to pay extra. However, it’s worth finding out how much the surcharge will be as you might get it for a bit cheaper from AppleCare than from Amazon. 


Apple AirPod charging cases often get lost. Unfortunately, there is no way to charge your AirPods without the charging case, and your only option is to buy a replacement case. Many fake hacks claim to charge your AirPods without a charging case, but they are useless and dangerous.

You can purchase a replacement Airpod charging case from iStore or Amazon. Getting an Apple AirTag for your new case is also a great way to ensure you don’t lose it again. Any model of Airpod charging case will work to charge your AirPods, so you can also borrow a case for a while.