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How Do I Charge My Beats Flex? (Quick Tips!)

The new Beats Flex wireless earphones are intriguing. One of many users’ first questions is how to charge their Beats Flex and how to fix charging-related problems.

Your Beats Flex earphones come with a USB-C charging cable compatible with any USB-C converter or connector. So if you want to charge your Beats Flex by plugging it into a wall outlet, you only need a USB-C power adapter, which can be purchased through Apple or any electronics shop.

Getting ready to go out for the day only to realize that your Beats are not charged is not a pleasant experience. In addition, your Beats Flex comes with a double-sided USB-C cable that may confuse some. That said, we will run through all the necessary steps to get your Beats Flex charging and any related issues revolving around problematic charging experiences and how to fix them.

Easy Tips To Charge Your Beats Flex And Solve Charging Hitches

Apple is an excellent brand but is often notorious for not including all the components in some of its accessories, which many customers may find inconvenient. Unfortunately, the Beats Flex is one of those products Apple “forgot” to include a valuable adapter into the package. 

Fortunately, there are some ways to address the problem – and in some cases, the unique USB-C charging cable can come in handy. That said, let’s look at the best tips to charge your Beats Flex and how to deal with any charging issues.

Tips To Charge Your Beats Flex With A USB-C Power Adapter

The first issue you will notice is that the Beats Flex does not come with a USB power adapter. As a result, one of the solutions would mean that you would have to go to your local Apple store or find one on Amazon and get your hands on the device that can charge your Beats Flex. 

Alternatively, most new Android phones also come with a USB-C adapter and charger if you are an Android owner, which is also a perfect charging medium for a Beats Flex. With a USB-C power adapter, the following is what you need to do to start charging:

  1. Switch off your Beat Flex device. To switch off your Beats, press and hold the Power button on the correct control module (it resembles a box placed along the cord) until the device is powered off.
  • When the earbuds are turned on, a light on the Power button will flash to show how much battery life is still remaining. A white light indicates that there is still more than an hour to go, a red light indicates less than an hour to go, and a red light that blinks indicates that your Beats Flex needs to charge.
  • No lights should appear to indicate that the device is off.
  1. Connect the USB-C cable to the other control module’s connector. When you bought the earphones, this cable was also included. However, if you don’t have the original cord, any electronics store will have a USB-C cable.
  • Once more, if you own an Android device like a phone or tablet, you should be able to charge your earphones using the USB-C cord. Wireless mice, keyboards, and other smart home appliances are additional gadgets that frequently need a USB-C charger. 

Before purchasing a new one, it is usually preferable to search about the house to see if you already have one that may be utilized.

  1. Connect the other end to an adapter or power source. USB-C chargers come in various models with a power adapter. Some may be double-sided USB-C (as sold with most Beat Flex devices), while others are sold with a USB-C on one end and a standard USB connection on the other end.
  • If you purchase a power adapter with a USB-C connecter on one end that has a standard USB port on the other, you would also be able to plug it into any USB ports that supply sufficient power. It includes laptops, computers, power banks, TVs, and more. 
  • For a complete charge, keep them connected for roughly 90 minutes. You may listen for roughly 1.5 hours after a short 10-minute charge. About 12 hours are required for a complete charge.
  • The LED on your Beats Flex headphones will blink red while they charge. The LED will turn white after they have finished charging.

Tips To Charging Your Beats Flex With USB-C to USB-C

The average Beats Flex in the USA comes with a USB-C to USB-C charging cable, which most users may find frustrating. However, there may already be a few solutions in your home that can solve the issue. For example, you can still charge your Beats Flex if you own a MacBook laptop, Chrome book, power bank, or any device that supplies power to a USB-C port.

Similar to charging your device with a power adapter, the following is what you will need to do.

  1. Power your Beat Flex device off. You can find the power button on the control box along the cord. Press and hold the power button until the light goes off.
  1. Connect one end of your charger to the control box on your Beat Flex while connecting the other end to the USB-C power supply.
  • Remember that some laptops need to be powered on when charging your Beats with your laptop. However, most laptops do not need to be powered on If the laptop is plugged in and charging. 
  • If you are using a power bank, ensure that your power bank has sufficient power. Most power banks have some form of battery indicator to inform the user of how much power it may have.
  • To see that your Beats are charging, make sure that the red light flickers as soon as you plug in your device to charge.
  • Depending on your outlet or device, you may experience a slightly longer charge requirement. For example, some laptops only supply a low power wattage, which significantly impacts the charging speed. 

Fortunately, many electronic stores sell a power adapter that has a USB-C socket. So, as troublesome as it may be for some, spending around $10 could quickly solve the problem if all else fails.

Solutions To Charging Technicalities

The Beats Flex is an excellent product that hardly comes with problems out of the box. However, over a period, users sometimes experience their Beats Flex charging but not turning on or not even charging at all. Rarely ever software related, the common cause is almost always a hardware-related issue. As a result, if you experience any charging difficulties, try these quick and easy solutions.

  1. Restart Your Beats Flex

Even though it sounds straightforward, sometimes all it takes to fix charging problems is a quote from the famous IT Crowd series “turning it off and on again.” First, hold the power button until the lights stop blinking to turn off your Beats. Then, after a brief delay, switch them back on. This may be all that is essential to reset your Beats Flex and resolve your charging problem.

  1. Force-Reset Your Beats Flex

If turning them on and off didn’t fix the problem, and your Beats Flex won’t charge (which can work for many Bluetooth devices), you may take things a step further and do a forced reset. Your Beats’ factory reset can fix a variety of problems, including issues regarding sound, Bluetooth connectivity, and charging.

  • Begin by holding and pressing the volume down and power buttons simultaneously for 15 seconds to reset your Beats Flex.
  • Next, release the buttons once the LED indicator light starts to flash. You may now reconnect your devices to your devices after resetting your earbuds. Many people with charging-related problems discovered that this technique was the most helpful.
  1. Double Check Your Power Source

The power source you are using might be the problem preventing your Beats Flex earbuds from charging correctly, even if you will be utilizing the accompanying charging cord and the instructions above to do so.

For instance, a charger that produces less power than the Beats would result in a delayed or inadequate charge. One easy method to tell is if you switch out your power source or plug into a different outlet and the device starts charging immediately. It’s a sign that the previous supply was ineffective (either now powerful enough or faulty).

Alternatively, if you have another gadget that can be charged with a USB-C cable, you may test to see if that device would charge to identify if the problem is with the charging cable, adapter, or the charging port found on the Beats Flex. 

Finally, It would also be best to double-check the condition of your charging cable. If damaged, it may cause charging difficulties, and you may need to buy a new cable.

  1. Update The Beats Flex Firmware

The Beats Flex frequently has problems with rare instances when it charges but won’t turn on. In this instance, it can be a rare software problem that calls for an update. As a result, you will need to update the firmware if you’ve performed a forced reset and are still experiencing charging issues. 

With iOS users, your beats should automatically update when you connect them to your iPhone or iPad. However, since technology does not always perform the way it should, and if you don’t own an iPhone or iPad, here is another method to update your beats flex manually.

  • First, use the USB cord to connect your Beats to your PC or Mac and ensure that your laptop or PC has a connection to the internet.
  • Next, download and launch the beats updater (available for Windows and Mac). 
  • On your Mac or PC, locate your headphones once they are plugged in. Usually, they pop up automatically after being plugged in, so keep an eye out for a folder that may open.
  • Double-click or launch the device on your PC or Mac after finding it.
  • By clicking “update,” you may install the most recent firmware.

After completing this, check to see if the charging problems have been fixed. According to several forums, this was the best fix for the problem where many customers’ Beats were charging but not turning on.


The Beats Flex is an excellent product with high user reviews. Unfortunately, some users experience difficulties when it comes to charging the Beats Flex with the charger cable that comes with the package. However, with the quick and easy tips for charging and dealing with any charging difficulties, this guide has your back!