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Why Has All My Music Disappeared From Apple Music?

If you opened Apple Music, only to find all your music has disappeared, you’re likely wondering why your library has vanished. By identifying why your music has disappeared from Apple Music, you can restore your music library! 

Your Apple Music Subscription Has Expired 

A common reason for a missing Apple Music library is an expired subscription. If your Apple Music subscription has expired or isn’t successfully renewed, your music library will be removed from your device. This could be caused by the renewal payment bouncing. However, this could also happen when the Apple Music trial period ends. 

If this is the reason your Apple Music library has disappeared, you can restore your music by renewing your Apple Music subscription. To renew your subscription and start listening to music again, you can follow these simple steps! 

Step One: Open Apple Device Settings 

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPhone, open the Settings app. 

Step Two: Click On Your Name 

At the top of the Settings app, you’ll see the name linked to your iCloud account. Click on this! 

Step Three: Navigate To Subscriptions 

From the list of settings, select the Subscriptions option. 

Step Four: Select Apple Music From The List 

If your Apple Music subscription has expired, it will be listed under Expired Subscriptions. From the list of subscriptions, select Apple Music. 

Step Five: Select Apple Music Subscription 

You will now be prompted to select an Apple Music subscription tier. Apple Music users can choose between a monthly or annual plan. There are also Student and Family plans to consider. 

Step Six: Confirm Your Purchase 

Once you’ve selected a subscription, you’ll be asked to confirm your purchase. Once you’ve successfully renewed your Apple Music subscription, your music library will be restored, and you can resume listening! 

Apple Music Isn’t Activated On Your Device 

Many Apple users aren’t aware that Apple Music can be toggled off in the Settings app. When Apple users upgrade devices, this setting is often turned off by default, which will result in music disappearing from your Apple Music. If the Apple Music setting is deactivated, your music library will disappear. 

If your music library has suddenly disappeared, you can check your Apple Music settings by following these simple steps! 

Step One: Open Apple Device Settings 

On your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, open the Settings app. 

Step Two: Navigate To Music Settings 

Scroll down your Settings App to locate the Music tab and select it. 

Step Three: Find Show Apple Music Setting 

In the list of Music settings, you’ll see a setting that says Show Apple Music. 

Step Four: Ensure Show Apple Music Is Turned On 

If the Show Apple Music setting is turned off, you’ve found the reason your music library has disappeared. By turning this setting on, your Apple Music library will be restored. 

Your Apple Device Is Running An Outdated OS 

If songs are missing from your Apple Music library, it might be due to outdated software running on your device. If your music library has suddenly disappeared, you should verify that your device’s operating system is updated. The following steps can be followed on Apple devices to check for software updates! 

Step One: Ensure Apple Device Is Plugged In 

Apple devices must be plugged into a power source to be updated.  

Step Two: Connect Apple Device To Wi-Fi 

To download software updates, Apple devices require access to a Wi-Fi network. 

Step Three: Go To Apple Settings App

On your Apple device, navigate to the Settings app. 

Step Four: Navigate To General Tab 

In the Settings app, find the General tab. 

Step Five: Select Software Update 

In the General tab, select Software Update. Your device will now search for any available updates. If there are any updates found, you should install them. Once your Apple device has been updated, you can check whether your Apple Music library has been restored. 

Sync Library Isn’t Turned On For Your Apple Devices 

Inside the Music settings of your Apple Device, there’s a Sync Library setting. When this Apple setting is turned on, the content you add to Apple Music will be synced across all your Apple Devices. However, when this setting is not turned on, the music you add to one Apple Device will not reflect on others. 

Often when Apple users think their music has disappeared from Apple Music, it’s due to the Sync Library setting being turned off. By ensuring this setting is activated, you can restore your music library. You can double-check this setting in four simple steps! 

Step One: Open Apple Device Settings 

Navigate to the Settings app on your Apple device. 

Step Two: Navigate To Music Settings 

Scroll down to the Music tab in the Settings app and open the Music settings. 

Step Three: Find Sync Library Settings 

You’ll find the Sync Library setting alongside a toggle switch in the list of settings. 

Step Four: Ensure Sync Library Is Activated 

If the toggle switch next to Sync Library is turned off, you’ve found why your music library isn’t reflecting on one or more devices. The content you’ve added to different devices will be merged across all devices by turning this setting on. It may take some time for your libraries to be synced across your different Apple devices. 

Your Family Account Isn’t Correctly Configured 

With an Apple Music family plan, up to six people in the same household can share an Apple Music subscription. However, when an Apple Music account isn’t synced to the primary Apple Music account, it can result in your music library disappearing. To verify your Apple ID settings on your device, you can follow these two steps! 

Step One: Sign Into Music App On Mac 

Once you’ve opened the Music app, sign in with your Apple ID on a Mac or Apple device

Step Two: Select Account 

Once you’ve signed into the Music app, you’ll be able to select and view your account. By viewing your account, you can verify that your Apple Music family account is correctly configured. 

Your iPhone Needs To Be Force Restarted 

If you’ve tried the previous fixes to no avail, your missing Apple Music library might be due to a service interruption. Before we look at how you can confirm whether there’s a service outage, let’s confirm the problem isn’t on your side! To do this, you can reboot your iPhone using these steps! 

Step One: Force Restart Your iPhone  

For devices with a home button, you can force restart your device by holding down the home button and power button. Hold these until the Apple logo appears on the screen. If you have an iPhone X or later, there is no home button. For Apple devices without a home button, the power button and volume buttons need to be used.

Step Two: Wait For iPhone To Reboot 

Once the Apple logo has appeared on you device’s screen, wait for the device to finish rebooting! 

Step Three: Check Apple Music Library 

Once your Apple device has restarted, you can check whether your Apple Music library has been restored! If your library is still missing, there might be a service interruption in your region. 

There’s An Apple Music Service Interruption 

From time to time, there are unexpected Apple Music service interruptions. When these interruptions happen, users will experience difficulties using Apple Music. While some Apple Music users may not be able to play songs, others often find their music libraries have vanished during these unexpected service outages. 

While sometimes these service interruptions may be widespread, others may be confined to certain regions and locations. If your Apple Music library has suddenly vanished, you should check whether Apple Music is currently experiencing an outage. 

Step One: Go To Apple’s System Status Page 

On Apple’s official website, users can easily confirm if any Apple services are currently experiencing interruptions. Apple Music users should keep Apple’s System Status page bookmarked to easily confirm whether Apple Music is experiencing any interruptions. 

Step Two: Confirm Whether There Are Service Interruptions 

If all Apple services are operating normally, you’ll see a green icon and a message stating this. However, if any services are experiencing interruptions, they will be listed here. In addition to Apple Music, users can also confirm that Apple Music For Artists, Apple Music Radio, and Apple Music Subscriptions are operating normally. 

Step Three: Contact Support If Your Issue Isn’t Listed 

If you’ve tried all our fixes for your missing Apple Music library and have confirmed there isn’t a service outage; you can contact Apple Support. By contacting Apple’s support team, you’ll be able to receive assistance with any Apple Music issues you’re experiencing! This can be done by calling Apple or downloading the official Apple Support App


From an expired Apple Music subscription to an unexpected service outage, there are many possible reasons your music library has disappeared. By identifying the reason your music has vanished, you can fix the error and restore your library!