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Wyze Error Code 90 Firmware Issue (Quick & Easy Fix)

Are you getting the dreaded Wyze Error 90 code?

If you’re struggling with Wyze error code 90, it means your camera isn’t connected to the network or server.

You can follow these ten steps to fix this Wyze error code! 

Step One: Reboot Your Wyze Camera 

If you encounter error code 90, you should reboot your Wyze camera, which is also known as power cycling. To do this, disconnect the camera from its power source. You should then wait a minute before reconnecting it. 

While the camera is disconnected, reboot the Wyze app on your phone. Once your turn the power on, the issue may be fixed! If the issue is fixed, the LED light will be blinking blue. If not, the light will be yellow; you should proceed to Step Two!   

Step Two: Check Your Wyze Camera’s Physical Connection 

If rebooting the camera didn’t solve your issue, you should check the Wyze camera’s physical connection. You should ensure you’re using the USB cable that was supplied with the camera and that the cable is properly plugged into the camera. 

Step Three: Check Your Wyze Camera’s SD Card 

If you’re still struggling with Error 90, you should check the SD card in your Wyze camera. Often, an incorrectly inserted SD card is the reason for this error code. Furthermore, cheap SD cards have been known to cause Wyze Error 90. You could try reformatting the SD card or replacing it with another. 

Step Four: Check Your Wyze Camera & App Firmware 

Once you’ve checked your SD card, you should check your Wyze camera and app firmware. Firstly, you should ensure your Wyze smartphone app has been updated to the latest firmware. This can be done from your app store. 

You also need to check the Wyze camera’s firmware. This can be done from the Wyze mobile app. You should always ensure the firmware is updated to avoid connection issues. However, if you can’t access your Wyze camera from the app, you should proceed to Steps Five and Six!

Step Five: Check Your Smartphone’s Internet Connection 

If your Wyze camera does not appear to be online on the mobile app, you should check your smartphone’s internet connection. You should ensure that your phone is connected to the same 2.4 GHz network as your Wyze camera. Often, when your phone is connected to a different internet connection, you’ll experience error code 90. 

Step Six: Check Your Internet Connection 

If the previous step didn’t solve the error, you should check your Wi-Fi router. Wyze cameras only work with 2.4 GHz networks, which often slow down due to network traffic. You should check if anything is slowing down your network. 

You should also ensure the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough to reach your cameras. Moving your router or using a Wi-Fi signal extender could fix this issue. You may even find your router’s firewall settings are blocking the connection to your Wyze camera. On your computer, you should double-check your firewall settings. 

Step Seven: Re-Pair Your Wyze Camera With Your Smartphone 

If you’re still struggling with error code 90, you should try re-pairing your Wyze camera with your smartphone. To do this, launch the Wyze app and click the gear icon to open the settings. Under Device Settings, you can select Delete Device. You will then need to confirm this and wait for the camera to be unpaired. 

Once the camera is unpaired, there will be a yellow LED light on your Wyze Camera, which means it is ready to connect. In the Wyze app, you then need to click New Device and select Wyze Cam. You will be prompted to select a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. Finally, the QR code on the app needs to be shown to the Wyze camera. The issue should now be solved! 

Step Eight: Re-install The Wyze App On Your Smartphone 

If re-pairing your Wyze camera with the Wyze app didn’t work, you should re-install the app on your smartphone. To do this, you need to uninstall the existing app on your phone. Once you’ve done this, you can re-install the Wyze app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play. When the app is finished re-installing, you should follow Step Seven to pair the Wyze camera to the app. 

Step Nine: Factory Reset Your Wyze Camera 

If your attempts to solve Wyze error code 90 have been unsuccessful, you should factory reset your camera. The method to do this will depend on the type of Wyze camera you’re using. We’ll outline both methods below! 

Factory Reset Wyze V1, V2, And Pan Camera 

To factory reset a Wyze V1, V2, or Pan camera, you need to power the camera off and remove the SD card. The Wyze cam should then be plugged into a wall socket. Once the Wyze camera is powered on, you should hold the setup button at the bottom of the camera for 20 seconds. You will then need to wait one to five minutes until the LED light indicates it’s ready to connect. 

Factory Reset Wyze Doorbell Camera 

To factory reset a Wyze doorbell camera, you need to remove the SD card. While the Wyze camera is powered on, the reset button at the back of the doorbell should be pressed. The doorbell camera will now be reset!  

Step Ten: Contact Wyze Support 

If the above steps failed to solve error code 90, you should contact Wyze Support directly. To do this, you can head to Wyze’s Support Page. You can chat with a support agent directly on this web page or call the support center for help! 

Wyze Support is available Monday to Friday, 04:00 – 20:00 PT, and Saturdays from 08:00 to 16:00 PT. Wyze support is not available on Sundays. However, help can also be found on the Wyze community forum, where you can talk directly to Wyze employees. 


Wyze error code 90 means that your camera is not connected to the network or server. To quickly fix this issue, the previous ten steps should be followed!