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How To Reset Chamberlain Garage Door Opener (Step-by-Step)

Do you need to reset your Chamberlain garage door opener? Here’s how:

To reset a Chamberlain garage door opener, locate and press the LEARN button on the opener. The LEARN LED will glow. Within 30 seconds, use the remote control you wish to program to the door by pushing the button. The reset will be confirmed by two clicks or flashing lights on the door opener.

If you have lost your remote and need to reset the whole door, or if you have moved into a new house but would like the peace of mind that no one can enter, then you should reset your chamberlain garage door opener.

Note: The step-by-step process laid out below will erase all previous codes from the memory of your Chamberlain garage door and render all remote controls for the garage door unusable until they are reprogramed. Do not interrupt the steps once you have started.

Consult The Manual

Before attempting any resets to the garage door opener or changing settings on any of the peripheral devices of your Chamberlain garage door you should consult the manual that came with it.

Not only does the manual highlight safety measures you will need to take while resetting the door, but it will also have a complete set of instructions on how to perform all the necessary functions of the garage door.

Three Steps To Reset Your Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

If you do not have the original manual that came with the garage door, follow these detailed steps to reset your garage door opener:

Step 1: Wipe the Chamberlain garage door memory
Step 2: Connect the remote control you will use going forward
Step 3: Reprogram the keypad

Wipe The Chamberlain Garage Door Memory

First, all memory needs to be cleared from the garage door opener to reset it.

To do this, find the ‘LEARN’ button on the door opener; it is usually located on the back of the motor housing. Press and hold this button for six seconds. After this time, you will have wiped all remote control and keyless access codes from the garage door memory.

If your door opener model has an LED light on the motor housing, it will go out to let you know it is wiped. On other models, there may be two clicks to indicate this instead.

Identify Your Model Of Chamberlain Garage Door

Each Chamberlain garage door opener model is slightly different, and newer models operate differently from older ones.

Check the user manual again for the model of garage door opener you have. Alternatively, the model type should be printed on the motor housing.

The color of the LEARN button will also tell you what model you have:

  • Yellow LEARN button – Security+ 2.0
  • Purple LEARN button – 315 MHz Security+
  • Red/Orange LEARN button – 390 MHz Security+
  • Green LEARN button – 390 MHz Billion Code

Connect The Remote Control You Will Use Going Forward

With the memory wiped, you will need to connect a new remote control if you lost the original or reconnect the existing remote control if you reset it for another reason.

To reconnect your Chamberlain remote control, locate the reset button on the remote. Do this by sliding the metal clip off the remote and then find the reset button on the front, side, or back center. Using the metal clip, press this button.

On some remote controls, an LED light will light up once you have pressed the reset button to indicate you can proceed with the following steps:

For older models:For newer models:
Press and RELEASE the button on the remote control the following number of times for your model:1 = Security+ 2.0 (Yellow)2 = 315 MHz Security+ (Purple)3 = 390 MHz Security+ (Red/Orange)4 = 390 MHz Billion Code (Green)Press and RELEASE the LEARN button on the garage door opener. The LEARN LED light will turn on.
Once you have pressed the button on the remote control the correct number of times, press any other button on the remote once.The LED light on the remote will turn off.Press and release the remote control button within 30 seconds of releasing the LEARN button.
Locate the LEARN button again on the motor housing; press and release it.
Wait for the remote control LED to light and stay on. Press and release the remote control button again.
Press the remote button once. The light on the opener will flash.Press the remote button again to activate the door. The garage door should open/close.Repeat this process until the garage door light bulb blinks. NOTE: Do not press the button after the lightbulb blinks!

Reprogram The Keypad

With the memory wiped and the remote control connected/reconnected, follow these steps to program your Chamberlain keypad to open and close the garage door using the keypad:

Step 1: Locate and press the LEARN button on the motor housing. When the LED light is lit, this indicates your 30-second window to complete the setup process.

 Step 2: Enter a new four-digit code on the keypad. To set this code as the new code for the garage door, press and hold ENTER until you hear a click. The light on the motor housing will flash to confirm the code has changed.

 Step 3: Push ENTER to close the garage door.

 Step 4: Enter the new code and press ENTER. The Chamberlain garage door will open.

Will An Unplugged Door Opener Reset Itself?

Some electric appliances reset themselves after a long period without power. A Chamberlain garage door opener is not one of these appliances.

This means you can unplug the garage door opener when going on an extended vacation or for other reasons without automatically resetting itself.


The convenience of a Chamberlain automatic garage door is unquestionable, but there are times when it is necessary to reset your garage door. Whatever the reason for resetting it, it is not an arduous task. Follow the steps above to reset and be on your way in no time.


Tuesday 17th of January 2023

I have a 2005 Model #2255, that will not close. When pressing either the wall key pad or the remote button, the door begins to close, but after moving about 12 inches it then returns to the fully open position. I've checked to make sure that the sensors are both lit up, in alignment with oneanother, and there's nothing blocking the beam and I've even cleaned the beam lens. I've retensioned the drive chain, and have even gone so far as to check (under magnification) the circut pads to make sure that all of the soldering points are sound and without cracking or faults. What am I missing.