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Yellow Light On Garage Door Sensor? (Quick And Easy Fix!)

Garage door sensors have built-in features that typically notify you if something isn’t working. A yellow light displayed on a garage door sensor is one of these. But how can you fix it? 

If there is a yellow light on your garage door sensor, it generally means the reverse sensors are not aligned or out of alignment. The yellow light also indicates that the sensors are not working correctly, and there may be an obstruction between the two sensors. 

Typically garage doors have two sensors. The transmitter sensor will usually display a green light, while the receiver sensor will display a yellow light. But at times, both sensors may be yellow, which indicates a problem. Luckily this happens sometimes, and there is a quick and easy fix to get your garage doors working again.

What Does The Yellow Light On A Garage Door Sensor Mean?

The yellow light on a garage door sensor has a few meanings and differs depending on your garage door and the types of sensors. There are mainly two types of garage door sensors that may present a yellow light; these include through-beam safety sensors and retro-reflective sensors.

Garage door sensors have a transmitter (green light) and receiver (yellow light) working together to pick up any obstructions in the way of the garage doors. These sensors are placed at the same height to avoid objects getting in their way so they can function correctly.

Generally, when you see a yellow light, it means the sensor isn’t working correctly, and the signal between the garage door sensors aren’t being transmitted. There are a few reasons for this light, but the most essential thing to note when you see a yellow light is that the sensors aren’t receiving the proper signal. 

Want Causes The Yellow Light On The Garage Door Sensor?

There are a few reasons why the yellow light is showing on your garage door sensor. While most of the time, this is an easy fix, you may need to call a professional or replace the sensors if you can’t fix the problem.

If your garage door sensor has a yellow light and you are wondering what may be causing it, these common reasons may help you get to the bottom of it:

Obstructions Blocking The Sensors

Most of the time, there is just an obstruction in the way of the sensor, and if it is moved, the yellow light will turn off. However, if there is still a green light displayed on the other sensor, then it can easily be an object that is blocking the sensors.

These sensors operate by using an infrared beam of light to pick up obstacles that are in the way and may block the garage doors from closing. If an object disrupts this light, it will likely display a yellow light.

Old Sensors Aren’t Working And Need To Be Replaced

Sensors may stop working after many years and may need to be replaced to get rid of the yellow light. Garage door sensors are available in online stores and some retail chains and are a relatively easy fix. However, this should only be considered if all other problems with garage door sensors have been ruled out to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Garage Sensors Are Misaligned

If your garage door sensors are misaligned, they aren’t sending the proper signal to one another. While most garage installations are professionally installed, it’s best to check that the sensors are aligned. This is also an easy fix as long as you ensure both sensors are exactly the same height.

Damaged Or Broken Wires

Most wiring for the garage doors is in the walls, but there may be some that you can see. If you’ve checked that no obstructions are causing the yellow light and have checked that the sensors are correctly aligned, the problem could be with the wiring.

You’ll be able to check the visible wiring. Still, you may need to call a professional if you suspect the wiring is the problem.

Dust And Dirt Buildup On The Garage Door Sensors

Garage door sensors are not too high off the ground and can be prone to collecting dirt, dust, and cobwebs. This can cover the sensors, disrupt the light beam and prevent the sensors from working. Depending on how dusty your garage is, you can wipe down the sensors once or twice a year.

How To Fix The Yellow Light On A Garage Door Sensor?

There are a few quick and easy fixes for a yellow light on a garage door sensor. Most of these fixes are quickly done in a couple of minutes, and your garage door will be working efficiently again. The most common problems are listed below with their relevant fixes.

Generally, there are 2 steps you want to check first if you see a yellow light before checking anything else.

Adjusting, Cleaning, And Looking For A Signal

If you see a yellow light, you know there may be an issue with the signal. If there is no light, it’s a problem with the wiring. Ensure the bracket holding the sensor in place is secure and that the sensor is horizontal.

Clean the lens, wipe off any dirt, and ensure it is clean so it can receive the signal from the other sensor. If there is no green light, this is a sure indicator that there is no signal being picked up. You can move this with your hand to re-adjust the sensor to check if the green light comes back on. Most of the time, this is the cause of the yellow light on the garage door sensor.

Check The Wiring Connected To Your Garage Door Sensor

With the power switched off, you can start to check all the wiring sticking out from the wall connected to the sensor. You can start by moving the wires around to see if you have any issues with the wires. 

If you have electrical tape on, you can remove this to check the condition of the wires underneath. Frayed wiring could be causing the problem with the sensors. These can be replaced and should solve the yellow light on your garage door sensor.

Once the wires by the sensor have been checked, you can check the overhead wiring from the garage motor. These wires should be well fitted, secure, and in good condition. If any of the wires are in bad shape, they should be replaced, and in turn, no yellow lights will be displayed.

Fixing The Yellow Light On The Garage Door Sensor
Cause Of Yellow Light On Garage Door SensorQuick And Easy Fix
Obstructions blocking sensorsRemove any obstructions that may be affecting the sensors
Old garage sensorsReplace the old garage sensors with new ones 
Misaligned garage sensorsMeasure the sensors. If misaligned, remove the misaligned sensor and re-install it, ensuring both sensors are aligned.
Damaged or broken wiresMake sure your garage door is turned off. If the wires are disconnected, simply reconnect them. If the wires are damaged, you can replace them.
Dust And Dirt BuildupUse a microfiber cloth, a few paper towels, some warm water, or a gentle cleaner to wipe down the sensors.

Bypass, A Garage Door Sensor, To Turn Off The Yellow Light

If you’ve tried all the quick and easy fixes and still can’t get the yellow light to turn off or get it fixed, you may want to bypass your garage door sensor. But unfortunately, it may be unsafe to operate garage doors that don’t work correctly. So your only option may be to bypass the garage door sensors.

When you bypass garage door sensors, you turn your garage door from an automatic one to a manual one. Most garage doors have this functionality as a safety or override feature. However, it is not recommended to disconnect the sensors entirely if you have faulty sensors. Instead, it is recommended to bypass your garage door, so you can still operate it safely.

The following steps will help you bypass your garage door:

  1. Make sure the garage door is closed. If your garage door is open while changing to manual mode, it may lower down too quickly, causing damage to the door. Therefore, ensure the door is closed. If the door is not closed and you aren’t able to get it closed, you may need to call a professional to assist, as this can be dangerous when changing over to manual mode. 
  2. Locate the manual release cord and pull it down. This cord is situated next to the motor and is usually red. Once you have located the cord, pull down to manually open and close your garage door. 
  3. Opening and closing the door on manual mode. To open the garage door, pull the cord towards the motor, and the garage door should open.
  4. Troubleshooting. Not all garage doors are the same. While most have a manual feature and can be switched from manual to automatic, some may require you to disconnect the sensors completely.


Seeing a yellow light on your garage door sensor is relatively common. Most of the time, it’s just the sensor that has been bumped out of place or wiring which may need replacing. Sometimes, you may need to replace old sensors with new ones. If you cannot determine the cause, you can bypass your garage door until the problem is resolved.


Wednesday 10th of May 2023

Hello my garage door is opening but not closing. Sensor seem like it's good I reprogrammed remote and it still not closing. Need help if you can