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What Is LEr Code On Traeger Grill?

Getting an error code on your Traeger electric grill? Resolving a LEr error code on your Traeger grill is quite straightforward. Read on to find out how.

The LEr error code on the Traeger grill indicates a Low Error Reading, and this simply means that your grill had dropped below the minimum operational temperature limit of 125F for more than 10 minutes, which has caused the grill to shut off and the error code to display.

While you may panic with your computer error codes, a LEr code on a Traeger grill is relatively easy to fix, and there are a few causes that could result in a LEr code being triggered on your Traeger, so let’s fire it up and figure it out by looking at the possible causes and solutions.

What Causes The LEr Code On A Traeger Grill 

Several issues can cause the temperature on the grill to drop below the 125F mark so let’s look at those individually and how to resolve them. It should be noted that this error will be seen on AC platform grills that are not WiFIRE enabled.

There Is An RTD Temperature Sensor Problem 

If the RTD sensor is bent, touching the grill or anything else, is chipped, or seems otherwise damaged or broken, you need to check whether it accurately reads the ambient grill temperature.

To test this, shut the grill off and wait for it to cool completely. Then see what temperature the sensor is reading off the ambient temperature and compare that with your phone’s ambient temperature reading.

Your temperature reading needs to be within a 20F range; if not, you need to contact the customer service department. If it is, then it is not an RTD sensor issue.

The Ambient Temperature Is Too Low

Firstly, this can cause the P-Sensor to activate as they are designed to trigger if the temperature is too low or too high. This will pause the grill if this feature is active, and you’ll need to turn it down to give it greater range.

If the weather is icy cold, your grill will have a problem reaching and maintaining working temperature, so you may need to add an insulation blanket or move the grill to a temperature-protected space where the effect of the cold is not as pronounced.

If the weather is cold and you have the wind blowing, the wind chill will compound the effect of the cold. To resolve this, place your grill out of the wind and cold and see if it will reach and maintain temperature.

Firepot Issues Can Cause An LEr Error Code

The firepot is a critical component of the Traeger grill, and problems here will cause the grill to lose heat and shut down if the heat loss is prolonged. Here are the firepot issues to check for.

Three fundamental firepot issues could trigger the LEr error:

  • The firepot is full of ash 
  • The firepot is empty 
  • The firepot is too full

Fortunately, checking and fixing these problems is straightforward. Unplug the grill and wait for it to cool completely, then remove the grill grates, baffle and drip tray and check the firepot.

If you find it full of ash, you burned out all fuel, so clean it out and then restart the grill with a fueled firepot. Make sure you check that there wasn’t a section in the drill that was empty, and this caused the fire to die when that section reached the firepot.

If the firepot is empty, you have run out of pellets, and the same process would apply. Fill the auger, make sure all the sections have pellets and restart the grill.

If the firepot is still full, that means your fire went out, which is not uncommon unless it starts frequently happening, in which case there could be another kind of problem. 

Often this will occur when the incorrect startup process has been followed, and to avoid this, the supplied Grill Startup Guide will be used to comply with the proper startup procedure.

Before starting the grill, clean the ash and any excess pellets out, and you should be good to go. Another consideration here is the type and quality of pellets you are using. If yours are crumbling, then those are not suitable, and you need to change them for the higher quality shiny pellets optimal for this grill. 

An LEr Error Code Could Be Chimney Related 

Another crucial element in the functioning of any grill is the chimney, and where the chimney is blocked with soot and ash, the circulation within the grill will not function. The disrupted airflow can cause a lack of oxygen inside the firebox, which will suffocate the fire and cause it to die.

No fire = no temperature, which will trigger the LEr error code. Before you start the Traeger grill, make sure the chimney is clear from debris and if need be, clean it out before you start the fire.

Before grilling, you should also check that the chimney cap is at the correct height. You thumb should be able to fit comfortably between the chimney and the cap. If it can’t, you need to check for dirt, soot, and debris and then remove it.

The Low-And-Slow Cook Setting Could Cause An LEr Error

Although this is rare if your grill has ventilation blockages, such as in the firepot or the chimney, and you set it to a low and slow cook, those elements could lead to the fire temperature dipping below 125F.

This will trigger the LEr code if you aren’t monitoring the grill during the cooking process. This is easily avoided and remedied by checking and cleaning the firepot and chimney before cooking.

Check The Induction Fan 

Modern grills are made to make grilling easy, but with all the various components, they open themselves up for some troubleshooting, and here is another possible cause of the LEr error code.

When you start up your grill, you should be able to hear the fan spinning. But, if it’s clogged with grease and grime, it may turn slowly or not, creating the LEr code issue.

If you don’t hear it spinning, try and move it manually with your hand and see if that gets it going. You will have to clean it off and remove the grease build-up more often than not.

If the fan still doesn’t work, it’s time to call Traeger’s customer service center and have them sort it out for you.

If you look at most of the issues that can cause a LEr error code on a Traeger, most of them are maintenance and fuel related. Whether it’s the firepot, chimney, or induction fan, most of these issues around the LEr code can be easily avoided with essential and regular maintenance.


As frustrating as it may be, the LEr code tells you something is amiss and needs to be remedied so you can continue to enjoy your favorite foods grilled and cooked your favorite way.

Investigating and resolving the LEr error code on your Traeger grill is systematic. Unless you have an electronic problem or the RTD sensor has failed, you should be able to restart your grill and resume cooking with little or no trouble.