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Can I Use Apple Pay At An ATM?

Do you want to know if you can withdraw cash at the ATM using Apple Pay? This article will cover important aspects of Apple Pay ATM withdrawal, so let’s start! 

You can use Apple Pay to withdraw money at an ATM. Before you can make a withdrawal, your bank must support Apple Pay, and you must register your debit card in the Wallet app that comes pre-installed on your device. Then, scan your device at the ATM and follow the on-screen instructions.

Let’s explore the requirements and common questions about using Apple Pay at an ATM.  

Can I Use Apple Pay At An ATM?

As the world becomes cashless and less cardless, payment methods like Apple Pay have become a household favorite! With its ability to pay for a new item of clothing or a meal at your favorite restaurant, it’s only natural to improve upon the idea. 

You’ll be thrilled to find that you can withdraw cash at the ATM with Apple Pay!

That said, there are a couple of requirements to be aware of before you can withdraw money with Apple Pay. 

First, you must register your debit card on your iPhone using the Wallet app. The Wallet app comes pre-installed with your iPhone, so there’s no need to look for it on the Apple Store.  

Second, Apple Pay ATM withdrawal services are only available to users whose bank supports the feature. The good news is that most banks in the US do support Apple Pay usage at their ATM, but if you’re not sure, you can check the Apple Pay Participation List or phone your bank. 

Third, you can withdraw money only if the ATM has two symbols: a picture of an apple with the word pay and a picture of a hand holding a card with a wireless signal. Of course, these two symbols will naturally appear on the ATM if you’re using a bank that supports Apple Pay, but keep an eye out just in case!

Fourth, ensure that you have money in the account you want to withdraw! 

How Do You Add Your Debit Card To Your Apple Wallet?

The first step to allow you to withdraw money at the ATM using Apple Pay is to register your debit card in the Wallet app on your iPhone. 

If you want to add a new card to the Wallet app:

  1. Open the Wallet app
  2. Tap the plus icon 
  3. Tap Continue
  4. Follow the instructions displayed on-screen, choosing your bank or card issuer from the list.
  5. Verify your card information 
  6. It may require that you download an app before approving your card for Apple Pay use.
  7. If you have an Apple Watch, now is the time to pair it with your card.

How Do You Use Apple Pay To Withdraw Money At The ATM?

The days of forgetting your wallet at home are long gone – withdrawing money from the ATM using Apple Pay is quick and straightforward! 

To start, ensure that the ATM you want to withdraw money from has the two compatible symbol indicators mentioned earlier: an apple with the word pay and a picture of a hand holding a card with a wireless signal.

  1. Open the Wallet app (Pro Tip: You can also access Apple Pay by hitting your iPhone’s power button twice)
  2. Verify your ID either through Touch ID or Face ID
  3. Place and hold the back of your device against the picture of the hand holding a card until you hear your iPhone make a sound.
  4. After the sound, your iPhone will register and process the transaction
  5. Enter the sum of money you want and your passcode on the ATM keypad
  6. Choose if you want a receipt and whether you want a printed copy or email
  7. Take your cash from the ATM

Do You Want To Use The Feature But Don’t Have Apple Pay?

If you’re interested in withdrawing money from the ATM using Apple Pay, but you haven’t set up Apple Pay, here’s what you need:

  • You must have a compatible device with the latest version of iOS, macOS, watchOS, or iPadOS
  • Your bank must support Apple Pay
  • A registered Apple ID, and you sign in to iCloud

If you want to check whether your device will be compatible with Apple Pay, you can check using Apple’s extensive list here. 

Do You Need Internet To Use Apple Pay?

One of the biggest boons of using Apple Pay is that you do not need an active internet connection. To put it bluntly, you do not need mobile data or WiFi to use Apple Pay services.

When you register for your Apple Pay account, all your info gets stored on your iPhone’s Secret Element (SE) chip. The SE chip that keeps your card details enables your device to communicate with the store or ATM using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to process the transaction. 

The NFC technology is identical to radio-frequency technology, assuming the role of a cellular network and forgoing the need for an internet connection. In fact, you don’t even need your iPhone to process a transaction if you own an Apple Watch. 

Your banking gets stored on the Watch’s chip and acts as a replica of the small chip on your bank card. Once you request a withdrawal or transaction, you need to authenticate the transaction by inserting your PIN or using Face ID or Touch ID. 

Similarly, Apple Pay will also function without an internet connection if you want to make in-app purchases. 

Does Apple Pay Incur ATM Withdrawal Fees?

Apple Pay does not charge fees when you pay at the store or restaurant or pay using a debit card. Furthermore, there are no hidden fees when transferring money to another Apple Pay user from a linked debit card. 

However, to ensure that you don’t incur any fees, you must first authorize a valid debit card to your Apple Pay account. 

Otherwise, there are no fees from Apple when you withdraw money at the ATM, but your bank may still charge a fee. The most optimal way to avoid hidden costs is to contact your financial provider and inquire about Apple Pay fees!

Does Apple Pay Have An ATM Withdrawal Limit?

There are a few cash limits you need to know regarding Apple Pay. 

  • You can transfer up to $10,000 per transfer.
  • You can transfer a maximum of $20,000 within seven days from Apple Cash to your bank account.
  • The bank you transfer to can only be a bank within the United States
  • There are no transfer fees from Apple Cash to your bank account unless you want to use the Instant Transfer option

What Is Apple Pay Instant Transfer?

The Apple Pay Instant Transfer option incurs a 1.5 percent fee from the amount of each transfer. Note, however, that there is a minimum fee of $0.25 and a maximum of $15. Furthermore, when you use Instant Transfer, limits do not include fees. 


It is possible to use Apple Pay to withdraw cash at an ATM as long as your bank supports it and you have a debit card registered in the Wallet app!