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iPhone Not Sending Pictures to Android? (Quick Fix!)

Are you having trouble sending pictures from your iPhone to Android? Let’s look at a handful of solutions to resolve the issue!

When your iPhone does not send pictures to Android, try closing all the active apps and ensure the MMS Messaging option is active. Try to switch iMessage off & on, or log out and back into iMessage via the Messages settings. Ensure you have internet for iMessage or reset your network settings.

The inability to send pictures is painfully frustrating, so here are several fixes to resolve your problem. 

Close Every App Open On Your iPhone

Since technology operates using different programming languages, opening multiple applications can prevent them from working correctly.

iMessage requires that you grant it permissions to your files. Imagine it only allows you to send files smaller than 1 Mb. 

If you tried to send a 2Mb picture from your iPhone, it might prohibit you because iMessage took control and permitted no files larger than 1 Mb. For this reason, closing all your background apps can be a universal fix for sending pictures. 

How Do You Close Apps On Your iPhone?

If you have an iPhone that is older than an iPhone 10:

  1. Double-tap the Home button on your iPhone.
  2. Use your finger and swipe all the apps off the top of your screen.

If you have an iPhone 10 or above:

  1. Swipe up at the bottom of your iPhone screen, holding your finger on the screen until the apps appear.
  2. Press and hold on any of the apps until they receive red minus signs. 
  3. Swipe up to the top of the screen to close the apps. (If you have iOS 12 or above, there’s no need to hold – swipe up as soon as the apps appear). 

Is MMS Messaging Switched On?

You won’t be able to send pictures unless MMS Messaging is active in your settings. 

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Messages from the list
  3. Check that MMS Messaging is active; if it is, switch it off and on again

What Can You Do If You Can’t Send Pictures In iMessage?

Remember that you can send pictures via iMessage or text messages from your iPhone. 

When you open iMessage, the blue bubbles represent iMessages, while the green bubbles are text messages and MMS messages (picture messages).

How Do You Send Pictures To A Previous iPhone User?

It may happen that you want to send an iMessage to someone who recently replaced their iPhone with an Android, but they’re still logged into their iMessage account and can’t receive your pictures.  

In this case, they need to log on to Apple’s website and deregister their iMessage account from their iPhone and phone number. 

iMessage Does Not Work Without WiFi Or Mobile Data

iMessage relies on the internet to send messages – accessible with WiFi or mobile data. Thus, swipe down from the top-right of your iPhone to access the control center (from the bottom with an older iPhone), and ensure that the WiFi and mobile data features are active. 

You can test it by switching off your WiFi and mobile data and sending a message via iMessage. When you send a message, it will appear in a green text bubble to indicate that it went through as a text message, not an iMessage. 

Have You Tried Turning iMessage Off & On Again?

The magic formula for switching off devices and turning them on can also help fix your iMessage woes. 

To switch iMessages off & on again:

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Select Messages from the list
  3. Tap on iMessage at the top so that the green bar turns gray
  4. Leave it off for at least 5 seconds
  5. Tap the gray bar again to change it to a green bar
  6. Wait until the message “Waiting for activation” disappears
  7. Try sending pictures again

Logging Out And Back Into iMessage Can Fix The Problem

Logging out and back into iMessage is equivalent to turning a device off and on again. It resets the programming of the software and wipes any errors along the way to create a clean slate. 

To log out of iMessage:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Messages from the list
  3. Tap on Send & Receive
  4. Tap your Apple ID near the top of the screen
  5. Select Sign Out

Try To Reset Your Network Settings

If app fixes are not helping you send messages, it may be that your iPhone’s network settings contain errors. Since your network settings act as a gateway through which your apps send data, resetting the network will remove errors and help the apps run correctly. 

You will lose your WiFi passwords, Bluetooth devices, VPN settings, and Cellular data settings by resetting your network settings. However, you will not lose any of your personal data. Thus, make sure you have them saved somewhere to reaccess them afterward.

To reset your network settings:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select General from the list
  3. Scroll down until you see Reset
  4. Choose Reset Network Settings
  5. Enter your passcode whenever requested
  6. After entering the passcode a few times, tap Reset Network Settings
  7. Wait for your iPhone to reboot


If you can’t send pictures from iPhone to Android, check that you have internet and data. Close all your background apps, ensure MMS Messaging is active, switch iMessage off & on, relog, and in. Lastly, reset your iPhone’s network settings.