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Will iMessage Say Delivered If Phone Is Off? (Read This!)

Do you want to know if iMessage will show delivered, even though a phone is off?

This article will cover all the possibilities and clarify them for you.

iMessage will not say “delivered” unless the recipient’s phone has mobile data, is connected to Wi-Fi, and has power. A device needs them to communicate that it receives a message. However, when users have multiple linked Apple devices, the message can go to a linked device but say “delivered.” 

It’s never good to miss a vital iMessage conversation because of an undelivered message. Fortunately, it’s easy to resolve and guarantees you stay connected.  

Will iMessage Say Delivered If Phone Is Off?

When it comes to practicality, iMessage is an excellent app for keeping in touch with friends, colleagues, family, and loved ones. However, like all technology, iMessage is not infallible. 

iMessage functions by sending messages over the internet, meaning it relies on mobile data and Wi-Fi. Thus, if a recipient’s phone is on, but their data is off, iMessage cannot show delivered. Similarly, when a phone is off, iMessage is incapable of showing delivered. 

When you send a message, whether via iMessage or not, the message travels to the recipient through the mobile service provider’s network as data. When it reaches the recipient, their device must send confirmation back to the server to say it received the message. If the device does not have data or is off, it cannot communicate with the network tower to indicate delivered. 

Some Exceptions Allow iMessage To Say Delivered

While the above information is correct, a few exceptions still allow iMessage to show delivered. 

Suppose the recipient has multiple Apple devices like an iPad, Mac, Watch, and iPod Touch, and the user configures them to receive messages to the same address. In that case, iMessage can still say delivered even though the phone did not receive the message. However, the other device must also be online for this to happen. 

So, the message gets received by another device linked to the same address. For instance, if you travel to a foreign country and enter through Airport A instead of Airport B, the system can still report that you entered the country. 


Remember to ensure your phone has an active internet connection and has power, or your iMessages will not get delivered, or they will go to other linked and online Apple devices.