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Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth? (Read This First!)

If your TV has Bluetooth built-in, you can do many more things on the TV than you could if it didn’t have Bluetooth. However, you might be wondering if all smart TVs have Bluetooth? 

Most big TV brands, such as LG, Sony, and Samsung, have built-in Bluetooth functions in their smart TVs. Other brands may only have Bluetooth connections in their top-range smart TVs. However, if a smart TV doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth, you can turn it into a Bluetooth-compatible device. 

For those who aren’t so clued up with the latest trends and technological advances, the concept of a TV with built-in Bluetooth might seem foreign or unnecessary.

This article discusses why Bluetooth is beneficial in a smart TV, which smart TVs have built-in Bluetooth, and how to make a TV Bluetooth compatible if it doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth. 

Which Smart TVs Have Bluetooth? 

samsung tv

Although some people might assume all smart TVs have built-in Bluetooth, this is not always the case. With some brands, such as Samsung, LG, and Sony, you can expect that most smart TVs will have built-in Bluetooth. However, other brands only have built-in Bluetooth in some of their top-end smart TVs. For example, other brands, such as Roku, don’t have built-in Bluetooth in any of their TVs. 

Bluetooth chips are an expensive addition to a TV, so some manufacturers choose not to add it to the TV. However, Bluetooth is such a useful function that it is missed in those TVs that don’t have built-in Bluetooth. So, if it is in your budget when you buy a smart TV, opt for one with built-in Bluetooth. 

To see if the TV you’re purchasing has built-in Bluetooth, look for these indicators: 

  • The packaging will have a Bluetooth logo
  • The TV or remote has a Bluetooth logo
  • There are Bluetooth settings available on the settings menu
  • Your phone will show your TV as an option when you go to Bluetooth connections

You can also refer to the TV’s manual to ensure whether your TV has built-in Bluetooth or not. However, to ease the search process for you, here are some smart TV models that come with built-in Bluetooth when you buy them. 

1. Samsung TVs With Built-In Bluetooth

There are quite a few Samsung TVs with Bluetooth built-in when you purchase them. For example, the Frame, Sero, Serif, and Terrace series Samsung TVs have built-in Bluetooth. In addition, the Samsung Series 6, 7, 8, and 9 TVs also have Bluetooth connectivity when you purchase them. 

Finally, the Q60T, Q70T, Q80T, Q800T, and Q900TS Samsung series also have built-in Bluetooth. According to Samsung’s support page, any Samsung TV that comes with a Smart remote will have built-in Bluetooth that can be accessed on the remote. 

2. LG TVs With Built-In Bluetooth

LG also offers many TVs with built-in Bluetooth. For example, the LG TV series UN7300, UN7370, and UN8500 have built-in Bluetooth. From LG’s Nanoclass series, the 81, 85, 90, and 99 TVs also have built-in Bluetooth. In addition, LG’s BX, CX, GX, WX, and ZX series TVs also have built-in Bluetooth. 

3. Hisense TVs With Built-In Bluetooth

Hisense also has a variety of TVs that comes with built-in Bluetooth. The Hisense A60, A6, and A6G series TVs have built-in Bluetooth. From Hisense’s H-series, the H55, H65, H8, H8G, H8G1, and H9 TVs have built-in Bluetooth. Then, Hisense’s U6, U7, U8, U9, and Laser TVs also have Bluetooth built-in. 

4. Sony TVs With Built-In Bluetooth

Sony has an extensive list of TVs that have built-in Bluetooth. However, in short, all Google and Android Sony TVs released from 2017 onward have built-in Bluetooth, including the XBR-series TVs, the XR-series TVs, and the KD-series TVs. Therefore, if you purchased your Sony TV after 2016, it will likely have Bluetooth. 

5. Toshiba TVs with Built-In Bluetooth

Toshiba has an equally extensive range of TVs with Bluetooth built-in. However, if you have a Fire-series TV from Toshiba, you can rest assured that it has built-in Bluetooth, as all Fire-series Toshiba TVs do. For a comprehensive list of Toshiba TVs with built-in Bluetooth, click here.

As you can see, there are many TVs to choose from when buying a TV with built-in Bluetooth. If your TV is not included in this list, you will have to check the user’s manual to see if it has built-in Bluetooth. Now, some people might still wonder why you want a TV with built-in Bluetooth and what you will use it for. Continue reading to find the answer. 

Why Are Smart TVs With Bluetooth Preferred? 

Most people use Bluetooth connections every day. Whether you’re using it to connect with your headphones, laptop, or car, Bluetooth has an undeniable place in modern-day living. However, do you really need to have built-in Bluetooth in your TV? Let’s look at instances where a TV with Bluetooth will come in handy: 

  1. Connecting your wireless earphones to the TV.
  2. Connect a wireless keyboard to the TV to type on the screen.
  3. Use your phone as a remote control by connecting it to the TV.
  4. Project your phone’s screen to the TV for viewing purposes.
  5. Stream music or podcasts from your phone through your TV.
  6. Connecting gaming devices, such as interactive gaming consoles, to your TV. 

As you can see, there are at least five reasons why you might want to use your Tv’s built-in Bluetooth if it has Bluetooth. Although smart TVs have many capabilities, such as streaming from Netflix or Hulu, listening to the radio, and playing various games, there are some limitations of TVs that don’t have built-in Bluetooth. 

While many smart TVs come with built-in Bluetooth, there are ways of transforming a TV that doesn’t have Bluetooth into one that does. 

How To Make A TV Bluetooth Compatible 

Now, if you don’t have a TV with built-in Bluetooth, there are some ways to still make your TV either Bluetooth compatible or allow you to connect other devices to your TV. We will discuss these methods and which ones work best to give your TV the same capabilities as those with built-in Bluetooth chips.

1. Buy A Bluetooth Transmitter For Your TV

The easiest way to add Bluetooth features to a TV that doesn’t have Bluetooth is to buy a Bluetooth transmitter or adaptor and connect it to your TV. There are many Bluetooth transmitters, and they can be connected to your TV through a USB port or an HDMI port in some cases. You can purchase a Bluetooth transmitter on Amazon for about $50.

To use a Bluetooth transmitter, plug it into your TV and connect it to your phone by going to your phone’s Settings> Bluetooth connections > Select the Bluetooth Device > Pair. You can now use any Bluetooth-connected functions, such as screen sharing and using your phone as a remote. 

2. Download The TV App On Your Phone

In some cases, such as with Roku TVs, a TV App is available. You can download the TV App on your phone, and it will allow you to have remote access to your TV. Once you have downloaded the TV App, you can use your phone’s Bluetooth to connect to the TV via the App. Then, you can use your TV as you would any TV that has built-in Bluetooth. 

TVs that have this App available are an excellent substitute for providing built-in Bluetooth, and it’s a much cheaper alternative. 

3. Activate Bluetooth From The Secret Service Menu

Although we discuss this option, it isn’t recommended for anyone that doesn’t know precisely what they’re doing. Smart TVs have a Secret Service Menu that allows you to access some advanced features. You can enable or disable some unique TV features from the Secret Service Menu that you cannot do from the regular TV settings menu. 

However, you can also completely block your TV if you do it wrong. There are several keys on the remote to press to access the TV’s Secret Service Menu. If you’re lucky, you might discover that your smart TV has Bluetooth capabilities, which can be enabled from the Secret Service Menu. 

Each TV’s Secret Service Menu is accessed by pressing different keys. Therefore, you must research your specific TV model’s Secret Service Menu keys. However, once again, there is a risk of damaging your TV when you access the Secret Service menu. Therefore, proceed with caution. 


Not all smart TVs have built-in Bluetooth. However, there are many TVs to choose from that do, including Samsung, Toshiba, Hisense, LG, and Sony TVs. Bluetooth is a useful accessory that is greatly missed if it is unavailable on your TV. Fortunately, however, you can buy a Bluetooth transmitter for your TV or download the TV App on your phone to get similar features to TVs with built-in Bluetooth.