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How to Sync Roku Remote Without Pairing Button

Having a Roku remote is essential for controlling your Roku streaming device and enjoying seamless entertainment on your TV. However, if your remote doesn’t have a pairing button, it might be challenging to sync it with your device. Fortunately, there are alternatives you can adopt to ensure that you can still control your Roku device without relying on the traditional pairing process.

One popular method to connect your Roku remote without a pairing button is by using the Roku app. This app is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. By installing the Roku app on your smartphone, you transform your phone into a remote controller. Note that both your smartphone and the Roku device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for this to work.

In cases where the app may not be convenient or compatible, there are also universal remotes available. These remotes can be programmed to work with your Roku device, offering a convenient alternative to the original Roku remote.

Types of Roku Remotes

Roku offers various types of remotes to enhance the user experience. These remotes can be categorized into four main types: Enhanced Remote, Simple Remote, Voice Remote, and Voice Remote Pro. Each remote type provides different functionalities and caters to different user preferences.

Enhanced Remote

The Enhanced Remote uses Wi-Fi technology to connect with your Roku device, allowing you to control it even if the device is not in direct line-of-sight. This remote also supports voice control features, making it easier to search for content or control your streaming player using voice commands. Furthermore, the Enhanced Remote includes a headphone jack for private listening and dedicated buttons for popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Sling TV.

Simple Remote

The Simple Remote is an infrared (IR) remote, which means it requires a clear line-of-sight to your Roku device to function properly. Unlike the Enhanced Remote, the Simple Remote does not support voice control or Wi-Fi connectivity. It has a basic design with buttons for navigation, playback controls, and quick access to some streaming services. The Simple Remote is mostly provided with older Roku devices and is an affordable alternative for users who do not require advanced features.

Voice Remote

The Voice Remote is a Wi-Fi-enabled remote similar to the Enhanced Remote but with a focus on voice control functionality. It allows you to use voice commands to search for shows, control your Roku device, and even control other compatible smart home devices. The Voice Remote does not have a headphone jack for private listening, but it does offer dedicated buttons for popular streaming services.

Voice Remote Pro

The Voice Remote Pro is the most advanced remote offered by Roku. It features all the functionality of the Voice Remote, but with additional perks like hands-free voice control, a rechargeable battery, and a lost remote finder. The hands-free voice control enables you to give commands without pressing any buttons, while the lost remote finder helps you locate your remote with an audio alert if it is misplaced.

In summary, the four types of Roku remotes – Enhanced Remote, Simple Remote, Voice Remote, and Voice Remote Pro – cater to different user needs and preferences. Understanding the capabilities of each remote type will help you choose the best option for your Roku streaming experience.

Syncing Without Pairing Button

To sync a Roku remote without a pairing button, you can use the Roku mobile app as an alternative method. This approach is particularly useful if the pairing button on your Roku Voice remote is not working or if your remote uses an Infrared Signal. In this case, simply inserting working batteries should automatically sync the remote with your Roku device.

Firstly, download the free Roku app for either Android or iOS devices. Make sure your smartphone and Roku device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network; this is essential for the app to function correctly.

Once you have downloaded the app and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Roku device, open the app, and select the Remote option. This feature allows you to control your Roku TV using your smartphone, effectively bypassing the need for a physical remote altogether.

In some cases, especially when dealing with older devices or those that use Infrared Signal technology, there may be no need to pair the remote to your device explicitly. Simply inserting fresh batteries into the remote and pointing it towards the Roku device should establish a connection.

By using these methods, you can confidently and efficiently sync your Roku remote without the need for a pairing button. Remember to always check for compatibility between your remote and your Roku device, as well as to ensure the use of functional batteries for a hassle-free experience.

Infrared Remote Synchronization

When using a Roku device, the infrared (IR) remote is a common way to control the device without the need for a pairing button. In this section, we will discuss the steps involved in synchronizing an IR remote and some factors that may affect its performance.

Line of Sight

An important aspect to understand while using an IR remote is that it requires a clear line of sight to function effectively. Infrared remotes work by emitting infrared light that the Roku device detects to register the remote’s commands. Make sure there are no obstructions between the remote and the Roku device, as this could hinder the remote’s functionality.

Keep in mind that the distance between the remote and the device also affects the remote’s performance. Most IR remotes work optimally up to a distance of around 20-30 feet. It’s essential to consider this when setting up your Roku device and remote.

Battery Replacement

Another crucial factor that can affect the performance of your IR remote is the batteries. Ensure that the batteries in the remote are in good condition and are properly inserted into the battery compartment. If you notice that your remote is not working or struggles to send commands to the device, it might be time to replace the batteries.

To replace the batteries, locate the battery compartment on the back of the remote, slide off the battery cover, and insert new batteries, ensuring the correct orientation of the plus (+) and minus (-) terminals. Once the new batteries are in place, the remote should function as expected.

In summary, synchronizing an infrared Roku remote does not require a pairing button and largely depends on maintaining a clear line of sight between the remote and the device, as well as ensuring that the remote has fresh batteries. By following these guidelines, you should be able to control your Roku device effortlessly.

Roku Mobile App as Alternative

App Installation

To sync your Roku remote without a pairing button, you can use the Roku Mobile App as an alternative. To begin, visit the Google Play Store on your Android device or the Apple App Store on your iPhone or iPad. Search for the Roku app and download it for free. The app will allow you to sync and control your Roku device directly from your smartphone.

Connecting to Wi-Fi Network

Before you can use the Roku Mobile App to control your device, you must first connect both your smartphone and your Roku device to the same Wi-Fi network. Open the app and sign in with your Roku account. Once signed in, the app will display a list of available Roku devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Select your Roku device from the list, and you will have access to an on-screen remote to control your Roku device. This remote functions in the same way your physical remote would, allowing you to navigate menus, play content, and adjust settings on your Roku device.

By using the Roku Mobile App, you can sync and interact with your Roku device even if you don’t have a remote with a pairing button. Just make sure to connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network and sign in with your Roku account in the app for seamless control.

Pairing Enhanced and Voice Remote

Roku remotes come in various types, with some featuring a pairing button and others that do not. Enhanced and voice remotes usually have a pairing button, making it easier to connect them to your Roku device. This section will cover the pairing process, locating the pairing button, and pairing your enhanced or voice remote to your Roku device.

Locating Pairing Button

Before starting the pairing process, it is essential to locate the pairing button on your remote. The pairing button can typically be found in the battery compartment of your enhanced or voice remote. When you open the battery cover, you should see a small button near the batteries.

Pairing Process

Follow these steps to pair your enhanced or voice remote to the Roku device:

  1. Power on: Turn on your Roku device and TV. Ensure that your Roku device is properly connected to the TV and that it is displaying the home screen.
  2. Put batteries: Remove the battery cover, insert batteries into the enhanced or voice remote and close the battery compartment.
  3. Initiate pairing: Press and hold the pairing button located inside the battery compartment for about 3-5 seconds. The pairing process should begin automatically, and you may notice a flashing light on the remote indicating this.
  4. Wait for pairing: The pairing process may take up to 30 seconds. During this time, an on-screen prompt will appear, indicating that the remote is pairing with the Roku device. Once the remote is successfully paired, a confirmation message will appear on your TV screen.

It is important to note that if your Roku device and remote are not pairing, you can try resetting the remote by removing the batteries for a few minutes and then reconnecting them. If you still experience issues, consult the official Roku support for further assistance.

Remote Compatibility Check

Before attempting to sync your Roku remote without a pairing button, it is essential to ensure that your remote is compatible with your Roku device. Compatibility is crucial because some Roku devices work with infrared (IR) remotes, while others require Enhanced or Voice remotes, which use wireless technology.

To check compatibility, start by identifying your Roku device. Some common devices include Roku TVs, Roku Stick, and Roku players. Depending on your device, you may need a Roku Simple Remote (IR) or an Enhanced or Voice remote (wireless). Note that Roku Simple Remotes are generally designed for Roku players or Roku TVs that produce an infrared signal, making them compatible and ready to use without a pairing process.

On the other hand, Enhanced or Voice remotes usually feature a pairing button and work with devices such as Roku streaming sticks or Roku players with wireless remote functionality. These types of remotes require a pairing process for synchronization with the Roku device.

In case you need to replace your remote, make sure to purchase a compatible one based on your Roku device model. Major retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Target offer a variety of compatible remotes like the Roku Voice Remote, Enhanced Voice Remote, or the Voice Remote Pro.

Once you’ve confirmed your remote’s compatibility, you can proceed with the syncing process. For Roku Simple Remotes (IR), insert fresh batteries and start using the remote since no pairing is needed. If this process doesn’t work and you have a wireless remote without a pairing button, it’s wise to contact Roku support for assistance.



When syncing your Roku remote without a pairing button, it’s essential to ensure that there are no obstructions between the remote and the TV or streaming device. Appliances or furniture could block the signal from reaching the intended device, preventing the remote from functioning correctly. Make sure to point the remote directly at your Roku device. Keeping a clear line of sight will provide the best possible signal strength. To avoid signal interference, also consider removing any objects or other wireless devices that may be in the way.


Checking your settings is an essential step in troubleshooting your Roku remote. First, ensure that both the remote and Roku device have functioning batteries. If necessary, replace them with fresh batteries. Ensure that your Roku device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your smartphone if you’re using the Roku app as a remote. Verify that the Roku device is updated to the latest software version, as outdated software can sometimes cause issues with your remote.

Menu Options

When the Roku remote is not working as expected, try exploring menu options to solve the problem. By navigating to Settings and then Remotes & devices, you can find helpful information that can ensure your remote is working correctly. If you’re using a remote that supports voice commands, make sure that the Microphone setting is enabled, which allows for voice input.

If the issue persists, consider resetting the remote and re-syncing it to the Roku device. Additionally, you can reach out to Roku support for further assistance or to inquire about compatible voice remotes available for purchase in-store or online.

Replacement and New Remotes

When it comes to syncing a Roku remote without a pairing button, it’s essential to note that not all Roku remotes have the same features. Replacement remotes might not have a pairing button, making the process slightly different.

To sync a new remote without a pairing button, you can start by installing the Roku mobile app on your Android, iPhone, or iPad. Open the app, tap on the Remote tab located at the bottom of the app, and follow the instructions provided to set up a new device. This process involves selecting Settings, Remotes & Devices, and then choosing the option to “Set up a new device” followed by “Remote”.

Ensure that your replacement or new remote has batteries installed. You may be able to pair the remote by simply pointing it at your Roku device or, in some cases, pressing and holding a specific button for about 5 seconds to initiate the pairing process. However, this method may not always be applicable, especially with particular types of Roku devices.

For instance, if you have a Roku stick, it’s important to know that a remote without a pairing button is not compatible with your device and cannot be synced. In this case, you will need to obtain a remote that has a pairing button.

When syncing a replacement remote or a new remote without a pairing button, always make sure to check your Roku device’s specific compatibility with the remote in question. Although the process might be a bit different, following these steps and utilizing the Roku mobile app will help you successfully sync your remote and regain control of your Roku device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my Roku remote if it doesn’t have a pairing button?

If your Roku remote doesn’t have a pairing button, it uses infrared (IR) technology instead of Wi-Fi. To connect it, simply point the remote directly at your Roku device and ensure there are no obstructions between the remote and the Roku player. The remote should work straight away without any additional syncing.

Is there a way to reset my Roku remote without using a pairing button?

Since IR remotes don’t rely on pairing, there’s no need for a reset process. If your IR remote isn’t working, try changing the batteries and ensure the line-of-sight between the remote and Roku device is unobstructed. If the problem persists, consider purchasing a new remote.

What is the alternative method to sync Roku remote to the TV?

One alternative method is to use the Roku mobile app, which allows you to control your Roku player via your smartphone. Download the app for your Android or iOS device, and follow the on-screen instructions to connect it to your Roku player. This can be especially helpful when using a Roku player that only supports IR remotes.

How can I troubleshoot a Roku remote not working?

If your Roku remote isn’t working, first check the batteries and replace them if necessary. Make sure the remote has a direct line-of-sight to the Roku device, and try restarting the Roku player by unplugging it, waiting for a few seconds, and plugging it back in. If you’re using a Wi-Fi remote, you can try re-pairing it by pressing and holding the pairing button for a few seconds, but this won’t work for IR remotes.

Can you pair a Bedycoon Roku remote without a pairing button?

If a Bedycoon Roku remote lacks a pairing button, it’s likely an IR remote. In this case, you won’t need to pair it – just point it directly at the Roku device and ensure there is no obstruction between them. The remote should work without any extra steps.

What’s the process of pairing a Roku remote to a TCL TV?

To pair a Roku remote with a TCL TV, first ensure your Roku player is connected to your TV and powered on. If your Roku remote has a pairing button, press and hold it for a few seconds, and the remote should automatically pair with your Roku player. If the remote doesn’t have a pairing button, make sure you’re pointing it directly at your Roku player from a close range, ensuring there are no obstructions between the remote and the player. The remote should work right away without any additional syncing.