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Hulu App Not Working on TV: Quick Troubleshooting Guide

Many Hulu users have encountered issues with the app not working properly on their televisions. The problem can be frustrating, especially when you’re looking forward to watching your favorite shows or movies. Several reasons could be causing the Hulu app to malfunction, including internet connection issues and the incompatibility of the Hulu app with certain TV models.

Before diving into possible solutions, it is crucial to understand some common reasons behind the Hulu app not working on a TV. One potential reason is a weak or unstable internet connection, as streaming services, like Hulu, require a stable, high-speed connection to function correctly. Another possible reason could be complications with the Hulu app itself, which may need an update or reinstallation to fix any bugs preventing it from running smoothly.

In the following paragraphs, we will explore various troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the Hulu app not working on your television. These steps will address issues related to both internet connectivity and the Hulu app, ensuring an enjoyable streaming experience.

Common Hulu App Issues

Loading Problems

One of the most frequent issues users face with the Hulu app is loading problems. Loading issues can occur across various devices, including iOS, Android, and Roku streaming devices. As mentioned, these issues might stem from internet connectivity problems or software issues. To prevent and fix these problems, ensure you have a stable and fast internet connection, and keep your devices and the Hulu app up-to-date.


Another common issue with the Hulu app is crashing, which could happen on any device, such as iOS, Android, or Roku. Crashing might be a result of the app being outdated or having conflicts with other apps or the device’s operating system. To address this issue, make sure to always update your Hulu app and device to the latest versions. Additionally, closing other apps while streaming content on the Hulu app might help to avoid conflicts and crashes.

Content Not Showing

Sometimes, Hulu users might experience issues with content not showing, such as movies or TV series not appearing in their libraries. This problem could be due to geo-restrictions or issues with the Hulu app itself, especially if it is not working properly across multiple devices like iOS, Android, and Roku. Always ensure you are in a location where the content is accessible, and try clearing the Hulu app cache or reinstalling the app to resolve any software-related issues.

Check for Hulu Outages and Server Issues

Occasionally, Hulu may experience outages or server issues that can prevent the app from working on your TV. To check for a Hulu outage, visit a reliable outage reporting website like Downdetector. This platform will provide you with real-time information on the current status of Hulu’s servers and indicate whether there are any widespread issues affecting users.

If there are reported issues on Downdetector, it’s likely that the problem is on Hulu’s end, which means you may need to wait for them to resolve the issue before the app starts working on your TV again. You can also check Hulu’s official Twitter account for any updates or announcements regarding server problems.

On the other hand, if Downdetector does not report any major outage, the issue could be related to your specific setup or device. In this case, you may want to check your internet connection and ensure that your TV is connected properly. You can also consider clearing the cache and data for the Hulu app, checking for app updates, or even uninstalling and reinstalling the app on your TV.

Remember, it’s essential to stay informed about possible outages and server issues, as they can affect your viewing experience. By keeping an eye on reliable outage reporting websites like Downdetector and official channels like Hulu’s Twitter, you can stay one step ahead and be prepared for any potential disruptions.

Ensure Internet Connection and Signal Strength

A stable and strong internet connection is essential for the smooth functioning of the Hulu app on your TV. Before diving into other troubleshooting steps, make sure that your router, modem, and network connection are all working efficiently.

First, verify that your internet service provider (ISP) is not experiencing any issues or outages in your area, as this could directly affect your network connection and signal strength. You can usually find this information on your ISP’s website or through their customer support hotline.

Next, try rebooting your modem and router by unplugging their power cables for at least 30 seconds before plugging them back in. This simple step can often resolve connectivity issues and improve signal strength. Also, confirm that your router’s firmware is up-to-date, as outdated firmware can cause compatibility and performance problems.

To ensure optimal network connection and signal strength, position your router in a central location, free from obstructions like walls, furniture, or metal objects. This helps to increase the broadcast range and prevent signal interference. You can also try adjusting the router’s antennas for better coverage or even consider investing in a Wi-Fi extender if you continue experiencing weak signals in certain areas of your home.

Finally, perform a speed test to measure your internet connection’s performance. Visit and click on “Go” to start the test. After the test is complete, it will display your download and upload speeds. Keep in mind that Hulu requires a minimum internet speed of 3 Mbps for standard streaming and 8 Mbps for live streaming.

By following these steps and ensuring a stable internet connection and strong signal strength, you can improve the performance of the Hulu app on your TV and enjoy a seamless streaming experience.

Device-Specific Troubleshooting

Smart TVs

For Hulu app not working on Smart TVs, you can try the following steps:

  • Power cycle your Smart TV and the modem/router.
  • Check for any software updates for your Smart TV.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Hulu app.
  • Ensure your Smart TV has a stable internet connection.

In case you are facing issues specifically with a Samsung TV, make sure your TV’s firmware is up-to-date and try resetting the Smart Hub.

Phones and Tablets

If you are experiencing difficulties with the Hulu app on your phones and tablets, consider the following troubleshooting measures:

  • Power cycle your device.
  • Ensure your device is running on the latest operating system.
  • Check your internet connectivity and strength.
  • Clear the Hulu app cache and data.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Hulu app.

Computers and Web Browsers

For Hulu not working on computers and web browsers, try the following:

  • Power cycle your computer and modem/router.
  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.
  • Update your web browser to the latest version.
  • Disable any browser extensions that might interfere with Hulu.
  • Check your internet connectivity and strength.

Streaming Devices

When Hulu is not working on streaming devices such as Roku, Apple TV, or Chromecast, try these steps:

  • Power cycle your streaming device and the modem/router.
  • Check for any software updates for your streaming device.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Hulu app.
  • Test your internet connection and ensure it is stable.

Remember, a strong and stable internet connection is essential for seamless streaming on Hulu and other streaming services across various devices.

Update and Reset Hulu App

Sometimes, the Hulu app may stop working on your TV due to outdated software or temporary glitches. In such cases, updating and resetting the Hulu app can help resolve the issue.

To update the Hulu app, head over to your device’s app store and search for Hulu. If there’s an update available, you’ll see an “Update” button next to the app. Click on this button to initiate the update process. You should also check for system updates in your device’s settings, as outdated system software may also cause issues with the Hulu app.

If updating the app doesn’t resolve the problem, you can reset the Hulu app by clearing its cache. The process for clearing the cache varies depending on your TV’s make and model. For example, on a Samsung Smart TV, navigate to your TV’s settings menu using the remote control and click on “Apps.” Then, select the Hulu app, and click on “Storage.” From there, you can clear the cache and data, effectively resetting the app source.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Hulu app is another method of resetting it. To do this, remove the app from your TV and then redownload it from your device’s app store. On an LG TV, for instance, press the Home/Smart button on your remote, select “More Apps” near the bottom right corner, and then find and uninstall the Hulu app. After that, search for Hulu in the app store and click on the “Install” button to reinstall it source.

Remember to follow these steps while adhering to the specific requirements of your TV’s make and model. By updating and resetting the Hulu app, you can potentially resolve any issues you may be encountering and get back to streaming your favorite content.

Clear Cache and Data

One effective method to resolve Hulu app issues on your smart TV is to clear its cache and data. Cache consists of temporary data saved by the app to enhance performance and user experience. Over time, this data may accumulate or become corrupted, leading to unexpected app issues. Clearing cache and data can help restore your Hulu app’s performance and resolve any errors.

To clear cache and data on your smart TV, follow these steps: First, locate Hulu in your TV’s application list. Keep in mind that the navigation process may vary depending on your smart TV’s make and model. Once you’ve found Hulu, click on the app, then select Storage from the available menu options. From here, you can clear cache and data for the Hulu app.

Moreover, for iPhone and iPad users, clearing cache can be done by deleting and uninstalling the Hulu app, which can be found under Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Upon reinstalling the app, the cache should be cleared as well.

It’s essential to remember that while clearing cache can enhance performance and fix app issues, clearing data would reset the app to its default settings. This means that you may need to sign in again and reconfigure any preferences you previously set. However, this process is generally safe and should not lead to data loss on other apps or your device itself.

Always maintain a confident, knowledgeable, neutral, and clear tone when following these instructions. By clearing cache and data effectively, you can improve the Hulu app’s performance on your smart TV and quickly resume streaming your favorite content.

Uninstall and Reinstall Hulu App

It’s possible that the Hulu app is encountering issues on your TV due to an outdated version or software glitches. In such cases, a simple yet effective solution is to uninstall and reinstall the Hulu app. Uninstalling the app can help remove any corrupted files or settings, and reinstalling it ensures that you are using the latest version available for your TV.

To begin, locate the Hulu app on your TV’s home screen or app list. Navigate to the app’s settings by either pressing and holding the app icon or clicking on the settings cog icon, depending on your TV model. Choose the option to uninstall the app and confirm your decision when prompted. Once the app is removed, power off your TV and wait for around 30 seconds before turning it back on. This helps in completely removing any lingering app data.

Reinstalling the Hulu app can be done through your TV’s app store or by searching for the app using the built-in search functionality. Download and install the latest version of the app, which should come with updated features and bug fixes. Log in with your Hulu credentials after the installation is complete to regain access to your streaming service.

If you are using an older TV model, you might be required to use the Classic Hulu app, which is specifically designed for older devices. Follow the same uninstallation and reinstallation process for the Classic Hulu app as mentioned above.

By following this straightforward process, you should be able to solve most streaming issues related to the Hulu app not working on your TV. In addition to making it functional again, the updated app may also provide a more seamless viewing experience, thanks to the improvements in its features and capabilities.

Seek Customer Support

When experiencing Hulu app issues on your TV, it’s essential to employ some basic troubleshooting techniques to help resolve the problem. First, ensure your TV’s firmware is up-to-date, as outdated software may cause compatibility issues with the Hulu streaming service. Checking your internet connection and performing a power cycle on your TV and streaming device may also help rectify the problem.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, it’s time to seek customer support from Hulu. Hulu offers a comprehensive Help Center with answers to common questions and solutions to various problems that users may encounter. The Help Center contains a wealth of information that can potentially solve your issue, such as what to do when you’re having trouble opening the Hulu app.

Another option for obtaining assistance involves reaching out to the Hulu Community, where you can communicate with fellow Hulu users and vote for ideas that improve the streaming service. The community is an excellent platform to exchange ideas, seek solutions to common problems, and share your experiences with others.

Customers can also choose to contact Hulu directly for support. Loyal subscribers can log in and visit the Contact Us page on the Hulu website to request more specialized assistance tailored to their accounts and needs.

In summary, resolving Hulu app issues on your TV can often be accomplished through troubleshooting techniques, firmware updates, and power cycling. If these methods fail to address the problem, Hulu’s customer support, the Help Center, and the Hulu Community remain valuable resources in helping resolve your streaming dilemmas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Hulu unable to start on my TV?

Hulu may be unable to start on your TV due to a variety of reasons including app or firmware update issues, a slow internet connection, or device compatibility issues. It’s important to ensure that your TV software and the Hulu app are updated to the latest versions. You can also try to restart your TV and check your internet connection to resolve this issue.

How do I reset Hulu on my smart TV?

To reset Hulu on your smart TV, follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall the Hulu app from your TV.
  2. Restart your smart TV.
  3. Reinstall the Hulu app from your TV’s app store.
  4. Sign in to your Hulu account and check if the issue is resolved.

Why is Hulu not working on my Samsung TV?

Hulu might not be working on your Samsung TV due to a temporary glitch, app incompatibility, or a connection issue. Try restarting your TV, updating the Samsung software, and checking your internet connection. If the issue persists, consider reinstalling the Hulu app from the Samsung app store.

How do I troubleshoot Hulu issues on my TV?

To troubleshoot Hulu issues on your TV, you can try the following:

  1. Check your internet connection and ensure it is stable.
  2. Ensure your TV software and Hulu app are updated.
  3. Restart your TV and streaming device.
  4. Clear the Hulu app cache if possible.
  5. Reinstall the Hulu app if necessary.

Visit Hulu Help for more detailed troubleshooting steps.

Why isn’t Hulu playing any content on my television?

If Hulu isn’t playing any content on your television, it could be due to slow internet connection, app glitches, or server issues. Ensure you have a stable internet connection, restart your TV, and update your Hulu app. If the problem persists, reach out to Hulu’s support team for assistance.

What causes error code p-dev320 on Hulu?

Error code p-dev320 on Hulu indicates a communication issue between your device and the Hulu servers. This error can be caused by network problems, outdated apps, or device compatibility issues. To fix this error, check your internet connection, update your Hulu app, and try restarting your device. If the error persists, you may need to contact Hulu support.