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Is Insignia A Good Brand? (Pros & Cons!)

When one hears of an affordable television brand like Insignia, offering 4K resolution and boasting a significantly large screen, you have to wonder what the pros and cons of the brand are.

Insignia is a good brand offering cheap, good-quality devices. The pros of Insignia products are that they are affordable, durable, user-friendly, and of good quality. Cons of Insignia products are that their screen quality and audio features are average compared to competitors.

Let’s explore the pros and cons of Insignia to determine whether Insignia is a good brand.

Pros Of The Insignia Brand

Here are a couple of pros to consider when choosing whether to purchase items from the Insignia brand.

Owned And Sold By Best Buy

Best Buy has established itself as a reputable distributor of electronics. The fact that Insignia is wholly owned and sold by Best Buy indicates that Best Buy regards Insignia as a good brand with which they are willing to associate themselves.

Their Products Are Low-Priced

Insignia is well known for being a budget brand. The brand boasts large, high-resolution TVs for half the price of premium brands such as Samsung and Sony. If you’re looking to buy a large, high-resolution TV but have a limited budget, then Insignia is a good brand to consider.  

While Insignia is well-known for its TVs, the brand also sells laptops, desktops, home theater systems, surround sound systems, projectors, tablets, cables, batteries, chargers, and gaming equipment such as controllers and keyboards. 

Insignia’s vast range of products fulfills the same function as high-end brands but for a much lower price. The Insignia brand is ideal if you’re looking to get the job done without paying the price for the brand label. 

TVs Come in Various Sizes

Insignia offers TVs in various sizes. Insignia has TVs ranging from 32 inches in size and as large as 75 inches in size. 

The beauty of these size ranges is that they allow you to put a TV in just about any space, from your living room to your bedroom or even your bathroom, if you’re feeling a bit fancy.

TVs Come in Various Resolutions

While a few Insignia TV models offer 720p resolution, most models have been upgraded to 4K.

Naturally, you would want a high-resolution TV. However, if your budget doesn’t allow for a high-resolution TV, there are still affordable, large 720p televisions in the Insignia range available for purchase.

TVs Are Fire TV-Enabled

Amazon developed a line of digital media players known as Amazon Fire TV. These devices are small network appliances that deliver digital video and audio content streamed via the internet to connected HD televisions. 

A pro of certain Insignia televisions is that they are Fire TV-Enabled. Insignia TVs being Fire TV-Enabled means that if your home has Amazon Echo devices, your Insignia TV will be able to run on your smart home system. 

Insignia TVs come with an Alexa-enabled remote control, giving you a voice search that enables you to find anything to watch on TV by speaking into the remote. The remote is equipped with buttons dedicated to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

In addition, Amazon Fire TV boasts built-in software that will give you access to thousands of apps, channels, and Alexa skills, which will allow you to control various smart home appliances such as lights and thermostats.

In this regard, Insignia TVs are particularly desirable because they save you from buying a Fire TV device separately.


For a product that is significantly cheaper than its competitors, Insignia products are exceptionally durable and tend to last longer than average.

Insignia components are made in the same factories as components for brands such as Samsung, indicating that their devices are made using high-quality materials that can last for a long time. 

In this regard, purchasing Insignia products can be viewed as an investment because you will be able to use your devices for years to come.

You will unlikely require a replacement part short after purchasing an Insignia item. If your device breaks, replacement parts are available through BestBuy and other tech outlets.

User-Friendly Products

Insignia products are designed with the end-user in mind. Their intention is for every Insignia product to be user-friendly so that even a child can use it. 

Generally, Insignia products are relatively simple to set up and operate. Individuals who are not well-versed in using modern technology should be able to use Insignia products without much difficulty. 

Insignia has a customer service line that you can contact for help should an issue arise. The Insignia customer service line is open 24/7, 365, making it easy for you to get hold of them if your TV stops working on New Year’s Eve minutes before you are about to watch the New Year’s Day countdown.


One of the best features of Insignia products is their aesthetics. Insignia products are designed to ensure their brand offers a sleek and stylish look that matches their competitors. 

The sleek appearance of Insignia products creates an expensive impression, enabling you to make your home look stylish without paying twice the price for a Samsung or LG product. 

Cons Of The Insignia Brand

Here are potential cons to consider when choosing whether to purchase items from the Insignia brand.

Outdated Components

While Insignia produces quality devices, the screens, processors, and various other components may be a model year older than brands such as Samsung, Sony, or Toshiba.

The reason for these somewhat outdated components lies with the price of the Insignia products. To make their devices affordable, Insignia uses device components used to produce previous years’ devices for high-end brands like Samsung and LG. 

If you are hoping to buy the “latest and greatest” devices, then the Insignia brand most likely will not be your first choice.

Average Speakers

Insignia speakers are rather average. While there is nothing particularly problematic, they are certainly not the best if you’re someone who values being able to hear every beat of the music and every background noise of your favorite television show.

If you purchase an Insignia device, you may find it necessary to buy a soundbar. If you foresee yourself purchasing a soundbar as well, be sure to take the price of the soundbar into account when determining whether it is worthwhile for you to acquire an Insignia device. 

You may find that the device and soundbar together are more expensive than high-end devices with good speakers from brands like Samsung or Sony. In such an instance, you may find it more beneficial to invest your money in a high-end product if your budget allows it.

Screen Quality

While the Insignia brand does offer 4K resolution TVs, you might be let down if you’re hoping to receive superb 4k picture quality with exceptional contrast ratios. 

For the price you’re paying, it makes sense that the Insignia TVs will not be of the highest quality to the point where they can compete with high-end brands like LG and Samsung.


Insignia is a good brand because its devices are cheap, durable, of good quality, and can be regarded as user-friendly.

However, the cons of Insignia are that their TV screens are not high quality and have average speakers. Additionally, the Insignia devices can have somewhat outdated device components compared to competitors from high-end brands.