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Samsung Remote Blinking Red (Quick & Easy Fix)

When it comes down to Samsung remote controls, a flashing red light is one of the most widely-reported problems. You can quickly fix the problem by identifying why your Samsung remote is flashing a red light! 

10 Reasons Your Samsung Remote Is Blinking Red – And How To Fix It! 

To fix a Samsung remote that is blinking red, you must first identify why it is malfunctioning. By finding the cause, you can effectively address the problem and restore your remote control’s functionality. 

#1: Your Samsung Remote Is Out Of Range 

The included remote control is an important component of many Samsung electronics – from televisions to home theatre systems. Of course, the remote allows users to wireless control the device within a certain range. If you’ve noticed a flashing red light on your Samsung remote, it may indicate that you’re using the remote out of range. 

On Samsung’s website, the manufacturer notes that using a Samsung remote control within 60 feet of the device with 100% battery life will allow for the best range. If your remote is flashing red, you should ensure you use it within an optimal range. Furthermore, this brings us to the following two reasons your remote is glitching! 

#2: Your Samsung IR Sensor Is Obstructed 

In addition to using your Samsung remote within a certain range, you also need to ensure that there are no obstacles in the remote’s operating path. With Samsung remotes, IR technology is used to transmit signals from the remote to the device it controls. Due to this, your remote has an IR transmitter while the device has an IR sensor/receiver. 

If your Samsung device’s IR sensor is obstructed, you will not be able to use your remote properly. You will also likely see a blinking red light on your remote when obstacles obstruct your device’s IR sensor. If your remote is flashing red, you should ensure that the operating path between your remote and device is clear.  

#3: Your Samsung Remote Batteries Are Low Or Dead 

When discussing the range of Samsung remote controls, we also mentioned the recommended battery life for the best signal range. Of course, the manufacturer recommends that your remote’s battery be at 100% for the best range. If you’ve noticed a blinking red light on your remote control, it’s possibly an indication that the batteries are low or dead! 

If you haven’t changed the batteries in your Samsung remote in a while, you’ve likely found the reason behind the flashing red light. To fix this issue, you’ll need to open the remote’s back cover and replace the dead or weak batteries. If you’re unsure of how to replace these batteries, you should consult your device’s user manual. 

#4: Your Samsung Remote Has Stuck Buttons 

Dirt and grime will collect under your Samsung remote’s buttons over time. In turn, this can cause your remote control’s buttons to become stuck, which can cause a persistent blinking red light. Before you take your remote control apart to clean – which we’ll outline afterward – there’s an easier fix to try! 

Step One: Remove Your Samsung Remote Batteries 

To ensure you don’t change any of your Samsung device’s settings, first remove the remote’s batteries before proceeding with these steps! 

Step Two: Press Every Button On Your Samsung Remote 

With the remote control’s batteries removed, press and release every button on your Samsung remote. If any of the buttons are stuck, this process will release them. This process can be repeated to ensure there aren’t any stuck buttons. 

Step Three: Test Samsung Remote Control 

Once you’ve pressed all your Samsung remote buttons, you can reinsert the batteries and test your remote control. If the red light is still flashing, you might need to open your remote to clean it properly! 

#5: Your Samsung Remote Needs To Be Cleaned 

If too much dirt has built up in your Samsung remote, you may need to open the remote to clean it properly. Often, oxidation also contributes to buttons becoming stuck and faulty. You’ll need to remove the screws below the battery cover to clean your remote. 

This will give you access to the circuit board and the rubber keys. If you suspect stubborn grime is behind your malfunctioning remote, you can follow the steps in this YouTube video! 

#6: Your Samsung Remote Needs To Be Paired Again 

A blinking red light can also indicate a pairing issue between your Samsung remote and device. You should consult the owner’s manual to pair your remote with your device. However, with many Samsung devices and remotes, these steps can be followed! 

Step One: Turn On Your Samsung Device 

Turn on your Samsung device and ensure that there are no obstructions between the remote and the device’s IR sensor. 

Step Two: Press And Hold The Return And Play Buttons 

Holding the remote between 1- and 2-feet from the device, press and hold the Return and Play buttons for 5 seconds.   

Step Three: Wait For Pairing Process To Complete 

Now, wait for the pairing process between your device and remote to complete. On Samsung TVs, there will be a remote and battery icon on the screen when pairing is successful. 

#7: Your Samsung Remote Needs To Be Restarted 

Restarting your Samsung remote is another way of fixing a blinking red light. To restart your remote, follow these three steps! 

Step One: Remove Your Samsung Remote’s Batteries 

To restart your remote, remove the batteries before proceeding. 

Step Two: Hold The Power Button For 30 Seconds 

With the batteries removed, hold your Samsung remote’s power button for roughly thirty seconds. Essentially, this drains the remote’s capacitors, effectively resetting your remote. 

Step Three: Replace Your Samsung Remote’s Batteries 

You can now reinsert the batteries and test whether your remote is functioning properly! 

#8: Your Samsung Device Needs To Be Rebooted 

If the red light is still flashing on your Samsung remote, you should try rebooting your Samsung device to see if it resolves your issue. First, turn off your Samsung TV. When the TV is powered off, you can turn the power source off, too. After a minute, turn the power back on and power up your Samsung device. Hopefully, the flashing red light has gone away, and your remote is working properly! 

#9: Your Samsung Device Needs To Be Factory Reset 

If you’ve been unlucky in fixing your Samsung remote’s error, you can attempt factory resetting your device. Ultimately, this process will depend on your specific Samsung device. However, this will resolve any issues you may be experiencing with your remote control. If factory resetting your Samsung device doesn’t solve the blinking red light, your remote control may be damaged. 

#10: Your Samsung Remote Is Damaged 

If your Samsung remote has sustained any physical damage, it may be causing your remote to malfunction and blink red. If this is the reason for the flashing red light, you have two solutions: replace the remote control or use Samsung’s SmartThings app as a virtual remote. In the following section, we’ll outline these solutions to a broken or damaged Samsung remote. 

What To Do If Your Samsung Remote Keeps Blinking Red 

If you’ve tried the above fixes to no avail, there are still two options to consider: replacing your Samsung remote or using the SmartThings app as your remote control. 

Replace Your Samsung Remote Control 

If you’re unable to repair a Samsung remote that’s blinking red, purchasing a replacement remote will solve your problems. To buy a replacement, you can head to the official Samsung Parts website. On this webpage, you can search your model or part number to find the correct replacement remote! 

Use Samsung SmartThings App As Your Remote Control 

Instead of purchasing a replacement remote control for your Samsung TV, projector, or home theatre system, you can download the SmartThings app to control your device. Using your smartphone as a remote control has never been easier! 

Step One: Install Samsung’s SmartThings App 

With the Samsung SmartThings app, you can control many Samsung devices directly from your smartphone. To use this method of controlling your electronics, you’ll need to install the SmartThings app from Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Open the app once it’s installed! 

Step Two: Tap ‘Menu’ 

Inside the SmartThings app, tap the ‘Menu’ button. 

Step Three: Tap ‘All Devices’

In the Menu selection, tap the ‘All Devices’ option. 

Step Four: Select Your Samsung Device 

Finally, your compatible Samsung devices will be listed on your screen. Simply select the device you wish to control from the list and you will instantly transform your smartphone into a remote control! 


From dead batteries to an obstructed IR sensor, there are many possible reasons for a blinking red light on a Samsung remote. By identifying the reason for the flashing red light, you can fix your remote control! If you are unable to repair your remote, you should consider a replacement or using the SmartThings app to control your Samsung device.