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Samsung TV Won’t Turn On (Quick & Easy Fix!)

Are you having trouble getting your Samsung TV to turn on?

How can you fix a Samsung TV that won’t turn on?

The easiest way to fix a Samsung TV that won’t turn on is by resetting it. To reset a Samsung TV, unplug the TV from the socket. Then, push and hold the TV’s power button for 60 seconds. This drains the TV of all power. Next, plug the TV back into the socket, and it should turn on without a problem.

This is the most common fix for a Samsung TV that won’t turn on. However, other possible problems can cause your TV to shut down or show a black screen. This article discusses some other potential issues that occur with a Samsung TV and how to fix them. These quick and easy fixes will enable you to sort out almost any problems that arise with your Samsung TV. 

How To Fix A Samsung TV That Doesn’t Turn On

A soft reset is often the most effective way to fix a Samsung TV that won’t turn on. To do a soft reset on a Samsung TV, so this:

  1. Unplug the Samsung TV from the wall socket.
  2. Push the power button on the TV and hold it down for 60 sixty seconds.
  3. Place the plug back in the wall socket.
  4. Turn the TV on.

A soft reset should work, as you drain all the power from the TV and then load it with new energy. However, a soft reset might not fix the problem in some cases. Therefore, we will now discuss some other issues that occur with a Samsung TV and how to fix them. 

1. The Power Cable Is Not Secured

Before proceeding with a soft reset on your Samsung TV, ensure that the power cable is secured. Sometimes the power cables are not correctly inserted into the TV or the plug, which can cause an unstable power supply, causing the TV to turn off at random times or fail to turn on.

Check that the power cable is tightly secured on the TV’s end. It shouldn’t be loose or wiggle. Also, ensure that the plug is fully inserted into the wall socket. If you’re lucky, this was the problem, and you’re all set to watch TV. 

2. Your Samsung TV’s Software Is Outdated

This mainly applies to Samsung smart TVs. Sometimes, if the software is outdated, the TV will show a black screen or periodically switch off. If this happens, you must update the software to fix the problem. This is how to update the software on a Samsung TV:

  1. Turn the TV on. 
  2. Press the menu button.
  3. Select Support from the menu tab.
  4. Select Software Update.
  5. Select Update Now. Your TV must have an internet connection to do a software update. 

When the Samsung TV has done all the necessary software updates, it should work perfectly again. Switch the Samsung TV off and on once it has completed all the updates to ensure it’s ready to go. 

3. The Samsung TV Is On The Wrong Channel

If the Samsung TV is set on the channel, the screen will also show black. To fix this problem, look at the back of the TV where the source input (HDMI) cable is inserted in the TV. For example, some TVs have three possible source inputs. Ensure the TV is on the right channel that corresponds with the number of the HDMI port that is being used. 

4. The Input Device Is Turned Off Or Broken

If you’ve selected the right channel and the TV screen is still dark, ensure the viewing source, such as the gaming console or DVD-player, is switched on. It’s possible that the input device is broken or that the HDMI cable is not inserted correctly. Ensure the cable is secure on both sides and inspect the input device for any signs of damage. 

5. The TV Remote’s Batteries Are Dead

If your Samsung TV refuses to turn on, it might be because your remote isn’t working. Try to turn the TV on by pushing the power button on the TV itself. If the TV turns on, the problem is with the TV remote. Switch out the batteries or replace the remote if that is what’s causing the problem. 

6. The Samsung TV’s Backlight Has Blown

This rarely happens, but sometimes the backlight on your TV might have blown, causing a black screen. First, turn the TV on and shine a flashlight on the screen to check if this is the problem. If you see a faint picture on the screen, it means the backlight of your Samsung TV has blown and is causing the screen to fail to light up. 

To replace the Samsung TV’s backlight, you must take the TV to a technician who will be able to replace the light and fix the TV. 

7. The Motherboard Or Power Board Is Broken

Sometimes, a storm or power spike can fry the TV’s motherboard or power board. To see if this is the problem, you have to open the TV. Here is how to check if the motherboard or power board of your Samsung TV is broken:

  1. First, lay the TV face down on a flat surface.
  2. Unscrew and remove the TV’s back cover. 
  3. You will see two circuit boards, the right one should be the power board, and the left should be the motherboard.
  4. To see if the power board is broken, plug the TV into a power socket and unplug the cable that connects the power board and motherboard (from the power board’s attachment). If the TV lights up, the power board is not the problem.
  5. If the motherboard is the problem, you must replace it. You can do this yourself if you know-how, or you can take it to a technician to have it replaced.  

If you live in an area with many lightning storms, installing surge protectors will protect your electronic devices during a storm. Alternatively, you can unplug your electronic devices when a lightning storm starts.

8. Your Samsung TV Needs A Factory Reset

Unfortunately, if you’ve done all the checks above and still find that the TV will not turn on, it might be time to factory reset your Samsung TV. Of course, only factory reset your TV if you are sure that everything else is working fine. 

When you factory reset your Samsung TV, you will lose all your preferred settings. The TV will be in the same condition as it was when you first bought it. To reset your Samsung TV, do the following: 

  1. Push the home button on your Samsung TV’s remote.
  2. Select settings.
  3. Select general.
  4. Select reset. 
  5. You will be asked for a security pin before resetting the TV. Enter “0000” if you haven’t set a pin yet. 

Your TV will now turn off and then turn back on. The TV is now in the same condition as the day you bought it, and the problem should be solved. However, if you don’t have your Samsung TV remote, there is another way to factory reset your TV. This is how to factory reset a Samsung TV without a remote:

  1. First, locate the menu button on your TV.
  2. Use the volume buttons to Select general.
  3. Select reset and enter the pin.

You can also connect a Bluetooth device, such as your phone, to the TV and use it as a remote to factory reset your TV. When the TV has been factory reset, you must reconnect your TV to the WiFi and set up your personal preferences from scratch. However, factory resetting your TV should solve the problem, and your Samsung TV should switch on without any issues. 

If a factory reset still doesn’t fix your Samsung TV and it still refuses to turn on, you must return it. Keep the receipt and original packaging of the Samsung TV in case you need to return it in the future. 


One common problem with Samsung TVs is that they sometimes refuse to turn on, and you’re left staring at a black screen. Fortunately, you can try a few things to fix this problem before factory resetting it. 

You can try a soft reset, ensure that all the cables are securely connected, ensure the TV is on the right channel, and check if the backlight, motherboard, or power boards are damaged. Unfortunately, if none of these tricks fix the TV, you may have to factory reset your Samsung TV or return it.