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Vizio TV Sound Not Working (Quick & Easy Fix)

If you’re struggling with no sound coming from your Vizio TV, you can use the following steps to quickly resolve the issue! 

Step One: Check Your TV’s Sound Settings 

While this may seem obvious, you should first check your TV’s sound settings before proceeding with troubleshooting your Vizio TV. Firstly, check that your TV is not muted. Secondly, you should use the Vizio TV remote and ensure that the volume is set to above zero, using the + and – buttons on the remote. 

Step Two: Ensure TV Speakers Are Turned On 

Once you’ve checked your TV is not muted, you should ensure your TV speakers are turned on in the Vizio settings. To do this, press Menu on your Vizio TV remote and navigate to Audio Settings and press the OK button. 

In the Audio Settings, you want to ensure that it says ‘ON’ next to your TV speakers. If this says ‘OFF,’ you should change it to say ‘ON.’ This should resolve your issues with sound not playing through your TV speakers. 

Step Three: Power Cycle Your Sound Bar 

If you’re using a soundbar, you should try power cycling it to resolve your issue. First, power off the soundbar using the dedicated remote. You should then unplug the soundbar from its power source. 

While the soundbar is unplugged, hold the power button down for 15 seconds. You can then reconnect the soundbar to the wall outlet. Finally, you can power the soundbar on to check if your sound issue has been resolved. If not, you may need to reboot your Vizio TV! 

Step Four: Check Cables And Reboot Your Vizio TV 

For most Vizio TV owners, this step will resolve their issues with the sound not working. To reboot your Vizio TV, you need to first unplug it from the main power source. While the unit is unplugged, you need to ensure you wait at least a full minute before reconnecting it. 

While your Vizio TV is unplugged, you should also reseat the power cable. In many cases, the power cord isn’t correctly plugged in, which can cause issues with the sound. When plugging the Vizio TV power cord back into the device, you want to ensure that the connection is snug and tight. 

Once you’ve reseated the power cable, at least 60 seconds should have passed! You can now plug the other end of the power cable back into a wall socket. Once you’ve repowered your Vizio TV, the sound should have been restored. However, if the sound is still not working, you’ll need to proceed to the following steps! 

Step Five: Update Your Vizio TV Software 

If checking your Vizio TV’s power cable and rebooting it hasn’t resolved the sound issue, you should check the firmware that is installed. Typically, your Vizio TV will automatically download and install software updates. However, if the internet connection is interrupted during this process, your device may be stuck running an outdated version of the firmware. 

To check the firmware on your Vizio TV, you’ll need to ensure your Wi-Fi connection is working properly. Once you’ve done this, you can press the V key on your Vizio TV remote. In the drop-down menu that appears, you need to select System before selecting Check For Updates. 

Once you’ve clicked Check For Updates, you’ll need to wait while your Vizio TV checks for any available updates. If there is, in fact, an update that needs to be installed, you’ll be prompted to confirm this. Once you’ve confirmed the update, you’ll need to wait for your Vizio TV to download and install the update. Your TV will restart twice during this installation process. 

If updating your Vizio TV software does not solve your sound issue, you should proceed to factory resetting your Vizio TV. If you found no available software updates during this step, you should also proceed to factory reset your device, which we’ll outline in the following step. 

Step Six: Factory Reset Vizio TV 

Factory resetting your Vizio TV could resolve your issues. On the Vizio remote, you need to press the Menu button and navigate to System. In the settings, you will need to select Reset & Admin. From there, you need to select Reset TV To Factory Defaults. 

Once you’ve selected Reset TV To Factory Defaults, you’ll be prompted to enter the parental code. If you’ve changed this, you’ll need to enter the code you changed it to. If you have not changed this, you can enter 0 0 0 0 when prompted for the passcode. 

When you’ve entered the parental code, you can select Reset and press OK. It may take a few minutes for your Vizio TV to restart. Once the Vizio TV unit has restarted, you’ll be prompted to follow the Setup process on your TV screen. Your sound issues should now be solved! If not, you’ll need to contact Vizio regarding a repair or replacement. 

Step Seven: Check Vizio TV Warranty 

If you’ve followed the above steps and haven’t managed to resolve your Vizio TV sound that’s not working, you should check the status of your warranty. If you have an active warranty on your Vizio TV, you can get your unit repaired or replaced. 

If your Vizio TV has an active warranty, you can submit a service request on Vizio’s official website. To do this, you’ll need to enter details like your Vizio TV’s serial number, purchase location, purchase date, and an Issue Category. 

Step Eight: Contact Vizio TV Support 

Finally, you can contact Vizio TV regarding your sound that’s not working. To contact Vizio support, you can request a support callback on Vizio’s official website. You will need to enter your name, surname, phone number, email address, callback time zone, and a callback timeframe. Support will then contact you to help resolve the issue! 


When troubleshooting a Vizio TV that’s sound is not working, you should follow the eight steps outlined in this article!