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Where Are Vizio TVs Made (Who Makes Them?)

There’s a lot of confusion about where Vizio TVs are made. Some people think they’re made in China; others say they’re made in the USA. So, who’s right? And does it even matter? Here’s a look at the answer to both of those questions.

Vizio is an American company that designs and manufactures electronics, including TVs. The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Irvine, California. Vizio TVs are made in several different factories worldwide, including in China, Mexico, and the Czech Republic. 

If you are shopping for a high-end television at a reasonable price, then a Vizio TV will be the best TV to suit your pocket and living room. Read on further to learn more about this smart TV.

Where Are Vizio Tvs Made, And Who Makes Them?

An American consumer electronics brand manufactures Vizio televisions with its headquarters in Irving, California. Vizio manufactures a wide range of audio and visual components, but its main focus is smart TVs, sound equipment, and related hardware. 

The Vizo brand is not as famous as Samsung or any other well-known consumer electronics brand; however, that is changing. Vizio started as a warehouse brand operating as a club before becoming mainstream. Vizio outsources much of its manufacturing to a Taiwan-based company, AmTran Technology. 

AmTran Technology has multiple manufacturing sites spread across Asia. Vizio products offer impeccable quality, but instead of focusing on screens and traditional measurements, they emphasize smart technology. 

For example, some Vizio smart TVs do not have built-in tuners since analog TV is beginning to get phased out. Instead, newer model Vizio TVs now include an Android tablet that allows for SmartCast streaming, making modern television streaming and viewing more available.  

Vizio produces excellent products with high-quality screens at competitive prices, focusing on user experience and innovation. 

Are Vizio TVs Any Good?

Vizio does make good TVs at reasonable prices. Let us weigh up the positive and negative attributes of Vizio TVs and then choose the best one.

Positives Of A Vizio Tv

Reasonably Priced: Vizo TVs have much the same technology as a Samsung TV, but at a much lower price. The cost comparison is over a hundred dollars cheaper than their Samsung counterparts in several instances.

Excellent Picture Quality: Vizio smart TVs have a full-array dimming backlight. As a result, less glare with deeper blacks makes viewing anything on your Vizio TV a pleasure to watch.

Ideal for Gamers: If you’re a hardcore gamer, you will want this TV purely for the low input lag. The low input lag on a Vizio TV allows for smooth and faster plays giving you a competitive edge over your opponents.

Negatives Of A Vizio Tv

Buggy and Unpolished: A Vizio TV has a few firmware software issues, and its overall design looks cheaper than Samsung TVs. Vizio has fixed a few of these issues with their latest models, but a few issues remain.

Issues with Upscaling: When viewing any lower quality media like standard definition channels or DVDs, the picture quality does not match up to the brightness or sharpness of a Samsung TV or any of the other smart TV brands. 

What Are Common Problems With Vizio TVs?

Your Vizio smart TV is built with some of the latest technology to provide you with the best picture quality within an affordable price range. Vizio TVs include SmartCast technology that allows you to enjoy your favorite streaming channels from any mobile device. 

However, the cheap price tag on these TVs means they have their fair share of technical issues and glitches. Below are some of the most common issues related to your Vizio smart TV.

1. The TV switches on and then off again immediately.

2. The Vizio TV screen flickers.

3. There is a picture, but no sound comes from the speakers.

4. The Vizio smart TV menu doesn’t work.

5. The smart TV turns on but doesn’t display any picture.

6. The screen displays the black screen of death, and nothing else works.

7. The SmartCast functionality doesn’t load.

8. The Vizio TV doesn’t connect to the Wi-Fi

One of the most common issues related to a Vizio TV is the issue related to the backlights, which is typically caused by the brightness settings of the TV. Lowering your brightness settings is one way to prevent this issue from affecting your Vizio TV. 

Having your brightness settings turned up too high puts stress on the TV’s backlight and will cause it to fail. 

How Long Will A Vizio Smart TV Last Me?

After purchasing your new Vizio smart TV, you might be wondering, how long will it last me? Vizio TVs are great TVs that you can watch and enjoy for a long time. Your Vizio TV can last you for about seven years, but it is possible to extend it to up to ten years, provided you take good care of your TV. 

In comparison, Sony states that their TVs can last between four to six years. Your Vizio TV includes the standard ninety-day warranty. 

But, if your retailer offers you an extended warranty, it would be wise to choose to take the extended warranty to protect you against power surges, damage from an electrical storm, or any other unpredictable situations. Furthermore, ensure that you plug your TV into a surge protection plug point.

The placement of your TV is also important and would also ensure that your TV’s lifespan is extended. Your Vizio TV is an electrical device sensitive to moisture and heat. So, your first preventative measure would be to position your TV away from a window or any heat source that can ultimately damage your TV. 

In addition, having adequate ventilation is also essential to allow for good air circulation and cooling when necessary. 

Also, place your TV within two inches from a wall or the inside of a TV cabinet. That will allow your TV to breathe and keep your TV running at optimal operating temperatures. 

And finally, place your TV away from any spaces where it could easily be bumped off or pushed over by kids. If you have clumsy kids around the house, It is recommended to have the TV wall mounted.

When you take these additional steps to protect your TV from unpredictable damage, you automatically extend your TV’s lifespan.


There you have it! The answer to the question, Where are Vizio TVs made, and who makes them? Based on what we found in our research, we can conclude that Vizio TVs are made in China by Amtran Technology. 

Amtran is a Taiwanese company that manufactures a variety of electronics, including TVs, laptops, and cell phones. While Vizio is an American company, it outsources the manufacturing of its TVs to Amtran.