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Where Is The Power Button On Samsung TV?

Want to know where to find the power button on your Samsung TV?

Here are all the places on a Samsung TV you can find the power button. 

  • On the left or right side of the TV
  • Look for a Samsung logo along the bottom of the TV frame 
  • On top of the TV, behind the frame 
  • The underside of the bottom bezel 
  • Behind the TV, in the bottom-right corner

While newer model Samsung TVs may differ slightly, their designs still share similarities. 

Let’s familiarize ourselves with Samsung TV power button placement.   

Where Is The Power Button On A Samsung TV?

Since modern Samsung TV designs can differ drastically from older models, it’s wise to consult your TV manual. If you misplaced it, visit the Samsung website, enter your TV’s model number and download the manual.   

Apart from the manual, most Samsung TV power buttons are in the same distinctive locations. 

While facing the front of the TV:

  • Look on the left or right side of the TV. 
  • Their logo is often the power button. (A flashlight makes it easier to find). 
  • Search on top of the TV, behind the bezel (TV frame).
  • The underside of the bottom bezel (left or right).
  • The most common area is behind the TV, in the lower-right corner. 

Consider dragging the flat part of your index finger from left to right along the front of the TV frame, directly below the screen, to find logo-inspired or flat power buttons. Most of the time, you will find the power button on the right side of the TV, similar to a computer monitor. 

Otherwise, it may also be on the underside of the TV bezel, in the center. When you find the button, it should illuminate the TV frame with colored lights for a brief time to indicate it has power. 

How Different Are Modern Samsung TV Power Buttons?

On newer Samsung TVs, you can expect to find a joystick-type button at the back, on the bottom-left or bottom-right of the bezel. Pressing in the joystick button turns on the TV, while subsequent presses provide you with a settings menu. Use the joystick button to navigate the settings menu, and press in the joystick button a second time to select a particular setting.    

Find The Power Button On Your TV Before You Wall-Mount It

Following the manual’s instructions should prevent you from searching for the power button, but it may not always be clear. It’s much more challenging if you first mount your Samsung TV to a wall, especially if it’s nearly flush-mounted.   

If the latter is true, you will need a small mirror or flashlight to identify the power button. Mountable Samsung TVs with a vertical layout have power buttons at the top-most area, while horizontal-style TVs have power buttons on the right-most side. 

If you find that your fingers cannot reach the buttons, but you don’t want to dismount the TV from the wall, use or buy a remote control. You can buy a remote with the exact Samsung name brand or a generic remote. Otherwise, a universal, programmable remote control will also work. 


It’s frustrating to spend a long time assembling a new TV, only to spend even more time on something like a power button that should be straightforward. The above list will remove that frustration. 

If the power button isn’t apparent, first check behind the TV, in the bottom-right corner, because that’s the most common placement. Otherwise, the left and right sides of the TV are the next best place to check. Next, look again at the back of the bezel, at the top, and then on the underside of the bezel, at the bottom. 

Lastly, examine the bottom of the bezel and keep an eye out for a Samsung logo. Slowly run your index finger over it to power the TV.