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YouTube Not Working on Roku (Quick & Easy Fix)

Is your YouTube TV not working on your Roku?

Here are some quick and easy fixes!

A few common issues with relatively easy-to-follow solutions may prevent YouTube from working. The main issue is usually poor internet connection or outdated OS on Roku. You can reset your router, check YouTube server error reports, and update Roku to fix this.

There will be times while using Roku to stream services like YouTube when you run into problems. So, if YouTube isn’t functioning on Roku, this tutorial will show you how to repair it. To discover your solution, keep reading!

Common Issues With YouTube On Roku

You’ll notice one of the following YouTube TV Roku difficulties if the YouTube app on Roku isn’t operating properly:

  • The YouTube channel will not open/ launch.
  • There are no videos available on the YouTube channel.
  • You will be unable to access your account.
  • The screen will be blacked out.

You may see these issues while streaming content or before launching the app. These solutions will help you whenever you encounter any of these issues!

Causes Of Common Issues With YouTube On Roku

The YouTube app not functioning on Roku problem can be caused by a variety of factors, including software, hardware, or internet failure. However, these causes are some of the most frequently reported:

  • The internet connection is extremely slow.
  • The Roku device has not been successfully updated.
  • The internet connection is completely non-functional.
  • The YouTube server is experiencing problems.

These are not all of the issues that could cause an issue with YouTube on Roku, but they are the most common and the easiest to fix.

How To Fix YouTube That Isn’t Working On Roku.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the most effective ways to resolve the issue with the YouTube app failing to start or display videos on your Roku streaming device. The most effective and time-saving solutions to this problem are described below.

Check To See If There Are Any Reported YouTube Server Errors

When YouTube isn’t working, you should first see whether the app has been reported to be down. Try accessing YouTube on other devices to see if the problem is limited to Roku devices.

You may also search online or go to the Downdetector website for up-to-date information since they gather reports from other individuals having problems with YouTube.

Check Your Wi-Fi And Internet Connection

Begin by checking your home’s internet connection. Your home’s wireless network connection may go out of service, preventing you from using the YouTube app or streaming media. You’ll need to reset your router/modem in this scenario.

Unplug the router from the power outlet. After two minutes, reconnect it. You may then stream YouTube by connecting your Roku device to Wi-Fi.

It will be difficult to watch YouTube videos even when your internet is working but your connection is poor. Go to Settings> Network> Network > Check Connection to do an internet speed test on your Roku. Your internet speed is sluggish if it indicates poor or fair.

Your router may not be able to handle the number of connected devices, or the internet connection may be poor because of problems with your internet service provider.

If you have many devices connected to the same network, you can try streaming YouTube again after disconnecting some of them. If that were the problem, it would no longer be an issue. If not, contact your internet service provider for assistance.

Restart Roku Device

Restarting your Roku device should be one of the easiest solutions if no outages are recorded for the YouTube app. This procedure will improve the streaming device’s performance by removing freezing, lagging, and even crashing difficulties if they have occurred.

It’s important to know that restarting a Roku device will not erase any loaded applications or modify any of the device’s settings. 

To restart the Roku streaming device, follow the steps below.

  1. Press the Home button on the remote
  2. Choose Settings from the menu
  3. Select System
  4. Next, choose Restart. Wait a minute for the Roku to shut off.
  5. Open YouTube after the Roku is up and running to see whether the issue has been rectified.

Update To The Most Recent Version Of Roku OS

Developers of the Roku platform, like those of other streaming services, issue updates from time to time. Roku users should apply these updates because they aim to improve present functionality, repair known flaws, and avoid difficulties that may arise due to the system’s age. 

Follow these procedures to update the Roku OS:

  1. To get to the Roku Home page, press the Home button.
  2. Browse to the end of the list of options and choose System.
  3. Next, choose System Update.
  4. Select Check Now.
  5. The device will look for updates and select Update Now when updates become available. Wait a few minutes for the update to finish installing.
  6. If the YouTube channel is up and running, you may start using it.

Factory Reset Roku

A factory reset is another excellent option for fixing YouTube that is not working on Roku. Before you proceed with this approach, keep in mind that you will permanently erase all of the settings on your Roku device. 

You’ll have to re-enter your password for streaming services like Netflix. To reset your Roku, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Home button to return to the previous screen.
  2. Select your preferences.
  3. Then choose System as the next option.
  4. Select Advanced System Options.
  5. Choose Factory Reset from the menu.
  6. To finish the operation, click Factory reset everything and follow the following instructions displayed on the screen.
  7. Run YouTube to see whether the problem has been resolved.

Lower The Resolution Of Your Video

You’ll want to adjust resolution if the videos aren’t loading properly or are taking a long time to buffer.

High-definition video bandwidth requirements may be too much for your internet connection to manage, especially if you have found that you have a slower connection.

To lower the resolution of your video, open the Roku home page, then access the settings menu to reduce the video quality. From there, you should be able to get to the Display Type area. Reduce the resolution of the screen to 720p.

You might also find it handy to use “Auto Detect,” which allows the device to alter the resolution without your intervention. Video buffering may be greatly reduced by just decreasing the settings. 

Install YouTube TV

If none of the above suggestions have resolved your problem, you may find that installing the YouTube TV app will rectify your issue. 

You may add it to your device by searching for it in the Streaming Channels menu. Then, to have the app show on your homepage, click Add Channel.

For many users, the YouTube TV app outperforms the YouTube app. When it comes to using your Roku, there aren’t many changes between the two, but you can still enjoy all of your favorite streaming content.


YouTube may not work due to a few common issues with relatively simple solutions. The main issue is usually an inadequate internet connection or an outdated Roku operating system. You can fix this by resetting your router, checking YouTube error reports, and updating Roku.

Now you can enjoy YouTube on Roku with no problems!