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Why Is My JBL Speaker Not Charging? (Quick Fix!)

Why is your JBL speaker not charging, and is there a quick fix? We discuss all the reasons and quick fixes in this article.

If your JBL isn’t charging, it could be a bad or damaged battery. It can be an issue with the software and not the hardware. Your charging cable or port might be damaged, or your power outlet could be the problem. Configuration settings can be faulty, or you may be using outdated JBL software.

If you notice that your one and only speaker is not charging, it may make you stress, especially if you have a high-end speaker such as JBL. Continue reading with us as we discuss all the reasons why your JBL speaker is not charging, along with some quick fixes!

Reasons Why Your JBL Speaker Is Not Charging

JBL speakers are an excellent brand known for their impressive sound and long-lasting battery life. Experiencing problems with anything designed to be portable can be very inconvenient. This becomes true when you’re in the middle of a party and your music abruptly stops playing.

There are several reasons why your JBL speaker may not be charging. It would help if you considered all these reasons before you can think of ways to fix them to get your favorite speaker up and running again:

Your JBL’s Battery May Be Damaged

It is very unusual for your JBL’s speaker’s battery to fail. However, since it is an electronic device similar to any other, this becomes a possibility. 

Where lithium-ion batteries are specially designed to be charged hundreds of times, the amount of charge they can hold will drop over an extended period. 

Before you can determine whether your JBL speaker’s battery is damaged, it is crucial that you try to charge your system using a different charger or charger unit. 

Sometimes it can be the issue of an adapted being at fault instead. If you have noticed that your speaker is no longer capable of holding its charge for long, it could most likely be because its battery has exceeded its amount of charging cycles. 

This is a natural thing to happen with the lithium-ion battery, and it will happen naturally over time. 

As a result, you may not realize it immediately, but if your JBL speaker is over the age of 6 years, the chances are high that it has exceeded the recommended charging cycle that it is rated for.

Your JBL May Have A Faulty Micro USB Charging Cable

Although most of the popular faults on JBL speakers are because of a software malfunction, you may still have hardware faults, such as a faulty Micro-USB charging cable. 

If this is the case, you will suddenly notice that your JBL speaker has suddenly stopped charging. Even the most advanced and new USB C cables can fail, but this becomes much less likely due to their stronger and more durable design. 

Even if this type of cable is a perfect fit for your JBL speaker, it might be a better idea to try another cable before deciding to commerce with troubleshooting. 

More often than not, the connector plating, whatever kind of cable you have, may not be well designed or may just have undergone lots of wear and tear. 

Always check your charging cables for any signs of chipping off the cover or other general damages.

Your JBL May Have Faulty Configuration Settings

Most of the JBL speakers will come from the store with pre-configured settings from the manufacturers. 

Therefore, your chances become reduced that these configuration settings will affect the charging in any way. 

However, since the software is prone to having bugs, it becomes crucial for the user to make sure they are using the newest software and that the settings are correct.

Your JBL’s Charging Port Might Be At Fault

Under the right circumstances, it could become very easy to compromise your JBL speaker’s charging port. Sand, dust, or dirt on a charging port can prevent the cable from thoroughly fitting into the USB port. 

However, if you apply too much force, you run the risk of bending the connector pins. If you check the pins, and they still seem to be in a good condition, you can check for debris or dust on the charging port. 

In the event of water damage, you can make use of your hairdryer to dry any moisture sitting on the port. Make sure there are no signs of moisture buildup on your charging port. 

Also, if you use your speaker while it charges, it could cause tension or strain on your charging port if you do not position it well enough.

Your JBL’s Circuit Board May Have A Problem

Another issue relating to hardware that could lead to your JBL speaker not charging is damage to the power circuit. 

Power needs to reach the battery through the circuit, and if it is not working correctly, the battery will not be able to charge. 

This will ultimately cause your JBL speaker to shut down due to low battery, and there will be no way for you to fix it. 

Just like in the case of your speaker’s port being damaged, you should make sure you check the speaker’s circuit for continuity.

Your Wall Power Outlet May Be Faulty

Since all JBL speakers are electronic devices, there is always the possibility of having software or hardware faults that can prevent them from charging. 

However, before you start to troubleshoot the software or hardware components of your JBL speaker, you have to first confirm and be sure that your wall outlets are working correctly. 

Sometimes, the voltage from your wall outlets could either be dangerously high or dangerously low. 

When this is the case, the speaker’s internal mechanism will prevent any electricity from flowing through. This is a self-adjusting property of your speaker to avoid any damage to its circuit board.

You May Be Using Outdated JBL Software

If your Bluetooth JBL speaker is no longer charging, and you have tried charging it with other cables with no success, checked your wall power outlet is working fine, it might be time to review your software. 

Check that you are already using the newest software on your JBL speaker. If there are any bugs in the code, it can significantly interfere with the charging capabilities of your speaker.

How To Fix Your JBL Speaker’s Charging Problems

Considering all these reasons above, you might be looking to find some quick fixes along the way, as many of them can be resolved by you. 

Below are a few possible solutions to get your favorite JBL speaker charging again:

Replace Your JBL’s Faulty Battery

If your JBL speaker has a faulty battery, it will definitely not charge correctly, and sometimes, it may not even charge at all. 

You may come across this problem if the battery is old and needs to be replaced. 

There are endless reasons why this can happen, and some reasons are entirely out of the user’s control. It can be from being charged too much or being left in hot places, like standing in the sun. 

The only remedy for this is to replace the damaged or faulty battery. 

Once you have confirmed that your battery is damaged, you can order a replacement from a JBL authorized dealer. 

Make sure that the rating of the replacement battery matches your speaker. Otherwise, it will be useless.

Replace Your JBL’s USB Charging Cable

A faulty USB charging cable may also be the reason why your JBL is not charging. If your charging cable is strained or bent, it could become defective and stop working altogether. 

If this is the case, you have to replace the current cord you are using with another one to see if it starts charging again. You can make use of any USB Type-C cable to charge your JBL, as long as that one is not broken too!

Factory Reset Your JBL Speaker

If you experience charging problems with your JBL speaker and all the other measures have failed to work, you should consider resetting your speaker. 

Resetting the speaker will restore the system’s original settings and possibly resolve the charging issue if it is related to the software. 

Although it depends on your model, you should usually press and hold down the multi-function to reset your speaker. Once the LED light starts to glow, you can remove your finger from the button. 

Always follow the instructions that are written in the user manual of your specific JBL speaker. The configuration setting may differ from one model to another. 

If you want to be extra sure, you can also reset your pairing settings on your Bluetooth devices, such as your tablet, phone, or laptop. Once the system has been restored, you can plug it into its power source again. 

Clean Your JBL’s Charging Port

If you see any dirt or sand in your JBL’s charging port, it will be the best idea to clean it before plugging it into your speaker. 

You can use a toothpick or a cotton earbud to get rid of any tiny particles. You can also lightly blow into the charging port to take care of the bigger bits. 

Plugging anything into a dirty charging port could result in it being ruined, so rather safe than sorry!

Repair Your JBL Speaker’s Faulty Circuit Board

If your JBL’s speaker’s circuit board is no longer working, it will prevent your speaker from charging. 

The circuit board can be damaged due to overheating, overcharging, and constant contact with water. If you suspect the damage lies within the circuit board, you need to consider taking your speaker for a service. 

The circuit board is a highly sensitive component of any speaker, and it should always be checked thoroughly by a professional. 

A damaged motherboard may eventually be the cause of a short circuit, which will cause even more damage to your beloved speaker.

Fix The Faulty Wall Power Outlet

You have to check that your outlets are working when you notice your speaker has a charging problem. You can test the voltage of your wall outlet with a voltmeter. 

If the volts are too low or too high, you need to contact your electrician as soon as possible. 

Not only will this be a solution to your JBL speaker not charging, but it will also help avoid any problems in the circuit board and wiring in the speaker.

Update Your Outdated JBL Software

Check that you are currently using the newest software on your JBL speaker. If there are any bugs in the code, it could significantly interfere with how well, if at all, your JBL speaker will charge. 

Sometimes, a fix or an update is all that would be needed to get your speaker to charge again. Resetting them will usually require you to hold down the Bluetooth buttons, along with the volume buttons, for approximately five seconds. 

When the light starts to glow, you can remove your fingers from the buttons. 

This is known as a quick fix to get the software working again. However, if you still have problems at this point, you may need to get your speaker checked out by a professional. 

Never attempt to fix any hardware problems yourself if you do not know exactly what you are doing, as you may cause more harm than good. 

It would instead be best to get a professional to do it and pay the extra cost. 

Otherwise, you may have to buy a brand new speaker, which will undoubtedly cost you more than it would to fix the one you already have.


When you notice your beloved JBL speaker is not charging, it could be easy to stress and get flustered. However, it would be best if you remained calm and went through all the standard hardware and software problems before running out to the tech professionals. 

By knowing the quick fix to each small problem might get you a step closer to fixing it and knowing when it’s time to get your speaker serviced. If your JBL speaker has been with you for more than five years, it might be better to invest your money in a new one!