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Disney Plus Not Working On Samsung TV (Quick & Easy Fix)

Sometimes trying to watch Disney Plus on your Samsung TV doesn’t go as smoothly as you hope, and problems can arise. So, how do you fix Disney plus on your Samsung TV if it doesn’t work? Read on to find out!

There are a few ways you can try to get Disney plus working on your Samsung TV again. These include resetting the smart hub, clearing the cache on the TV, fixing the internet connection, updating the software on your Samsung TV, re-installing the app, and more!

With the number of problems that can occur with the Disney plus app and the Samsung Tv, it can get overwhelming to try and find solutions. In this article, we will tell you how to fix all these issues to have you relaxing and watching your favorite shows in no time!

Why Disney Plus Is Not Working On Your Samsung TV

Disney plus is a popular streaming platform today. Many people love having access to their favorite shows and movies from Disney in the comfort of their homes. Most people that use Disney plus access it through a smart TV, like a Samsung. 

Watching Disney plus on a Samsung TV is one of the best ways to enjoy your favorite shows on the platform. However, some problems can develop over time with the Samsung TV and Disney plus combination. 

It can be extremely frustrating when you cannot sit back and relax after a hard day’s work and watch your shows because something is not working as it should. 

Unfortunately, there are a few reasons you might face problems with your Disney plus on a Samsung TV, but generally, these problems are easy to fix and will only take a few minutes. So, let’s go through these problems and how to fix them to have you enjoying your shows in no time. 

You Need To Reset The Smart Hub

One problem that could cause your Disney plus to stop working on your Samsung TV is that the smart hub on the TV needs to be reset. The reason for this can be a slight system overload or the system being overworked. 

One of the main ways you can tell that your smart hub needs a reset is if the screen goes black and has a constant loading circle on the screen when you try to open the Disney application. Resetting the smart hub is easy and should only take about five minutes or so. 

To reset your smart hub, you need to press the home button on your Samsung TV remote. When the menu pops up, select the settings option. From there, select the “self-diagnosis” option. Once you have done this, you should see an option to reset your smart hub. 

Select this option and wait for it to reset. Once the smart hub has reset, you can try and open your Disney plus application again. 

You Need To Clear Cache On The TV

One problem you might have is that your Disney plus application could refuse to work. This can be highly frustrating as resetting your smart hub won’t fix this problem. To fix this problem, you must clear the cache on your Samsung TV. 

This is another easy process. To clear the cache on the Disney plus application, you need to press the home button on your Samsung TV remote. Once the menu pops up, go to the settings option. Select the Apps option, and then click the System Apps option. 

From there, find the Disney plus application on the menu and select it. There should be a “Clear Cache” option once you click on Disney plus. Clear the cash and confirm the choice. Once this is complete, try re-opening your Disney plus application again. 

Problems With Your Internet Connection

If your Disney plus application is being slow, along with other applications on your Samsung TV, then there could be an issue with the internet connection on your Samsung TV. This has nothing to do with the Disney plus application or your Samsung TV. 

You will need to go to your internet router to fix this problem. Turn the router off and then unplug the router at the wall socket. Leave the router unplugged for about one minute, and then plug the router back in at the wall. Allow the router to reboot, and then go and check if the Disney plus application is working better on your TV. 

Your Samsung TV Could Need A Software Update

Samsung TVs are like many other devices in your home, meaning they run on certain software. This software can become outdated or corrupt over time, and you will need to fix it. If the software on your TV is outdated, many problems can occur, including the malfunction of certain applications on your TV. 

If your applications aren’t working, you need to check that the software is up-to-date on your TV. To do this, push the “home” button on the TV remote and go to settings. You can then select the support option and choose the software update selection. 

This will show you if there is an update required for your TV. If there is an update required, click the update software option and wait for your device to update. You can then check if your Disney plus is working correctly. 

The Disney Plus App Won’t Install

Another problem you could face is that the Disney plus application might not want to install on your Samsung TV. If you have started the download process and the application refuses to finish downloading, your internet connection could be the problem. 

Go to your internet router and turn it off, then unplug it for one minute and plug it back in. Allow the router to reboot. While it’s rebooting, make sure that there are no other devices connected to the Wifi. Once the router has rebooted, try downloading the Disney plus application again. 

The Disney Plus App Won’t Open

Another problem you might be facing with your Disney plus application itself is that the application won’t open when you click on it and wait patiently. To avoid the Disney application from constantly crashing, you should re-install the app. 

To re-install the app, press the home button on the TV remote and select the Apps option on the menu. From there, select the setting option and find Disney plus from the menu. Click on the Disney plus app and delete it. 

Then go back to the Apps option and re-install the Disney plus app. Wait for the app to download and then sign back into it. The app should work fine and open properly now. 

Constant Buffering Of The Show

One annoying problem you could be facing with your Disney plus application and your Samsung TV is that the shows you are trying to watch keeps buffering. This can be even more infuriating when the buffer times out, and you must exit the show you are trying to watch. 

There are two ways you can try to fix this buffering problem with your Disney plus application. The first option you can try is to close the application, turn off the Samsung Tv and then restart the TV and the application. 

If this doesn’t work, then you can check your internet connection. Turn off your router, unplug it from the wall and wait one minute. Plug your router back in and let it reboot, and then go and try the Disney plus application again. 

You Might Need To Reset The Samsung TV 

If you have tried multiple solutions from the above options and your Disney plus application still doesn’t work on your Samsung TV, then the TV might need to be reset. Resetting your Samsung TV will set it back to factory settings, so you might lose any customizations you have on the TV, but they can be re-installed. 

There are two ways you can use to reset your TV. The way to reset it will depend on whether you have a newer Samsung TV model or an older one. With the newer one, press the home button on the remote and go to settings. Go to the “general” option, then click on the reset option. 

Once the TV Has reset, turn it back on, put in your pin, and re-install the Disney plus application. This should fix the problem. With older Samsung TV models, you will press the home button on the remote and go to settings. Then click on “Support” and go to the “self-diagnosis” option. 

In this menu, you will find a reset option, click on it, and allow the TV to reset. Once it’s done, you can re-install the Disney plus app. This should solve the problem.


Having Disney plus on your Samsung TV is a great source of entertainment for the whole family. However, a few problems can dampen your viewing experience of your favorite show. This can leave you frustrated and can make you want to turn the TV off altogether. 

Many problems can occur, but if you follow the information above, you should be able to find the problem and fix it to continue your viewing experience. Good luck!