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Firestick Won’t Turn On (Quick & Easy Fix!)

Are you having trouble getting your Firestick to turn on?

Well, we have done some research to find out what to do when your Firestick doesn’t turn on. 

Various problems can be causing your Firestick not to turn on, such as a bad power connection, a faulty HDMI port, or an incorrect source input. Fortunately, most problems that arise with a Firestick are easy to fix. But, unfortunately, you may have to purchase a new Firestick if all else fails. 

Although Firesticks are inexpensive and readily available, replacing them should not be the first thing you do when they fail to turn on. Instead, try one of the several easy fixes we discuss in this article first. With any luck, your Firestick will be working again in no time.

So, here are some quick and easy fixes for when your Firestick won’t turn on. 

Quick & Easy Fixes For A Firestick That Won’t Turn On

Although Firesticks are user-friendly and straightforward to use, human error is often the cause of the Firestick not turning on. Fortunately, in the case of human error, it might also mean that there is nothing wrong with the Firestick. There are also several other simple fixes to try when your Firestick isn’t working. 

1. Unplug The Firestick From The TV And Power Source

Depending on your setup, your Firestick is either connected only to your TV via an HDMI port or connected to the TV and another power source, such as a plug. Whatever the case, the first thing you should try when your Firestick isn’t working is to unplug it from all sources and wait thirty seconds. 

While your Firestick is unplugged, you can also do a soft reset on your TV. By doing so, your TV will reset its settings and connections, which should improve the chances of the Firestick working again. 

To soft reset your TV, unplug it from the wall socket. While it is unplugged, press the power button on the TV for at least thirty seconds. This will drain the TV of any residual power. Then, place the plug back into the wall socket, put the Firestick into its port, and turn the TV on. 

With any luck, this should resolve the problem, and your Firestick should turn back on. However, in some cases, this does not resolve the issue, and you will have to try some of the other fixes in this list. 

2. Try Another HDMI Port For The Firestick

Although you might not expect this, HDMI ports also stop working from time to time. Therefore, the Firestick might not be causing the problem, and the HDMI port might be the culprit. To see if the HDMI port is at fault, try plugging your Firestick into another HDMI port. 

For example, if the Firestick is currently plugged into the port marked HDMI 1, move it to the port marked HDMI 2. Be sure to also change your source input on the TV to HDMI 2. If the HDMI port is faulty, your Firestick will turn on when plugged into another one. You can continue using the new port or ask a technician to fix the current HDMI port. 

3. Ensure All The Firestick’s Connections Are Secure

Another problem that can cause your Firestick not to power on is loose connections. First, ensure all the cables are securely connected. They should fit snuggly into the Firestick, the HDMI port, and the power source. If any cables are bent or twisted, they may be damaged on the inside, resulting in your Firestick not turning on.

In this case, replace the damaged cables and ensure the new ones fit correctly. If all connections are secure, try turning the Firestick on again and see if that fixes the problem. 

4. The Firestick’s Power Adapter Might Be Damaged

Apart from the cables, the Firestick’s power adapter might also be damaged, resulting in the Firestick not turning on. This often happens due to lightning storms, power outages, and fluctuations in the power supply. If your Firestick’s power adapter is broken, you must replace it to get the Firestick working again. 

To protect your Firestick’s power adapter from future damage, insert a surge protector into the plug the Firestick is connected to. This will prevent the Firestick from getting damaged due to power fluctuations. 

5. Reset The Firestick

If your attempts to fix the Firestick have not worked until thus far, you can also reset the Firestick to try and fix this problem. To reset the Firestick, press the power button and play button simultaneously and hold them down for fifteen seconds. This will reset the Firestick, and it should start again. Doing a soft reset of the TV after resetting the Firestick might also help fix the problem. 

6. Try The Firestick On Another TV

In some cases, the TV might be what’s causing the problem and not the Firestick. You can test this by plugging the Firestick into another TV. If the Firestick works on the other TV, you know the Firestick isn’t damaged, and you should see what’s wrong with the TV instead. For example, there may be something wrong with the HDMI ports, or the TV might have some other trouble connecting to the Firestick. 

7. Ensure The Firestick’s Remote Is Working

If the Firestick remote’s batteries are drained, or the remote is broken, the Firestick will also refuse to turn on. Try inserting new batteries in the remote and check that the remote is working correctly. You can get a replacement remote for the Firestick if the remote is the problem. 

Again, ensure the TV is set to the correct input setting that corresponds with the HDMI port the Firestick is connected to. Reset the Firestick after buying a new remote, and with any luck, your problems should be fixed. 

8. Adjust The Firestick’s Charging Tab

Sometimes the Firestick’s charging tab can get bent or damaged. This is more likely to happen if you often move the Firestick regularly or force the charging cable into the charging tab. First, check if the charging tab is bent or closed. If it is, you can use a tweezer or small pliers to push the tab open gently. 

Don’t use excessive force as this can break the charging tab. When the tab is bent open, try inserting the charging cable. The cable should easily fit inside the tab but should be secure once fitted. Be gentle when removing and inserting the charging cable to prevent bending the tab in the future. 

9. Replace The Firestick

Unfortunately, in some cases, your only option is to replace the Firestick. Although this might not be your first resort, it might be your only option if you have tried all these quick fixes discussed above and the Firestick still isn’t turning on. 

Fortunately, Firesticks are generally inexpensive and readily available. There are plenty of Firestick options available on Amazon. These are the best Firesticks to buy in 2022: 

  • The Fire TV Stick 4K Max ($55) is rated the best Firestick overall.
  • The Fire TV Stick 4K ($40) is the closest comparison to the  4K Max, at a lower price.
  • The Fire TV Stick Lite ($30) is rated the best Firestick to buy on a budget.
  • The Fire TV Cube ($70) is rated the best hands-free Alexa and smart-home enabled Firestick. 

As you can see, there are many Firesticks to choose from, and you can get a Firestick for as little as $30. Before replacing the Firestick, however, first, try all the hacks above to ensure your Firestick is beyond repair.  


Firesticks are a great alternative to buying a smart TV at a lower price. Unfortunately, your Firestick might stop working in some cases and even refuse to turn on. However, there are many possible quick and easy fixes for a Firestick not turning on. 

Try resetting the Firestick, using another HDMI Port, replacing the power adapter and other cables, or adjusting the power tab of the Firestick. However, if none of these quick fixes work, you might have to replace your Firestick. Fortunately, Firesticks are readily available and affordable. You can purchase a Firestick from Amazon for as little as $30.