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Is Teleparty (Netflix Party) Safe? Read This First!

Do you want to know whether Teleparty (Netflix Party) is safe? Let’s explore the safety concerns with using Teleparty and what you should know if you decide to use it. 

Teleparty is not affiliated with Netflix and carries the same risks of malicious software as other browser extensions. Their privacy policy states they collect browsing habits and store information generated by the user. Only invited users can join rooms, but there are reports of uninvited guests.

Although Teleparty (Netflix Party) is hugely popular and available across multiple streaming services, there are always risks involved in using software not endorsed by companies. 

Let’s cover the data safety concerns related to Teleparty. There are practical examples of risks pertaining to uninvited strangers joining Teleparty rooms and hacking videos to redirect them elsewhere.

While Netflix is a reputable streaming company with the resources to protect users’ personal information, it’s crucial to understand that Netflix did not create nor do they own Teleparty (Netflix Party). 

The founders of Netflix are Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, while the creator of Teleparty (Netflix Party) is Shaurya Jain – they are not affiliated. 

As a Chrome browser extension, Teleparty acts as a medium that enables people to watch series with friends and family. However, third-party browser extensions have a malicious record of stealing personal information, especially when they claim to be free. 

According to Teleparty’s privacy policy, when you register an account, you receive a unique ID that they use for gathering anonymous usage statistics. They also state that they collect information on how you use the service. 

Among the wording, they also state that they use cookies, automatic data collection, and related technologies that collect and stores information generated when you use the service, including your preferences and anonymous usage statistics. 

It’s worth reading through their policy to grasp how much of your personal information you hand over to Teleparty and how they can use it.  

Teleparty is pretty transparent in its privacy policy about collecting user data – how comfortable you are about granting them those permissions, however, is entirely up to you. 

They state that they do not store any of your login details for Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+. Remember that since Teleparty is not affiliated with Netflix, you are on your own in the unfortunate event that your account becomes compromised. 

Netflix Does Not Endorse The Use Of Teleparty

Since Netflix party is not a product from Netflix, they do not endorse the use of this extension. In fact, if your account were to become compromised or someone steals your account information while using Teleparty, Netflix will not help you recover your account. 

Extensions are well known for containing malware, so if you download and use Teleparty, you are leaving your computer open to this risk.

Teleparty Collects Information On Your Browsing Habits

Most modern browsers implement a Do not track feature, but the Netflix Party extension doesn’t. It employs trackers to monitor user behavior and provide advertisements that the trackers think are relevant to you.

However, if you were to enable the Do Not Track feature, it would also cause the Teleparty plugin to stop working. 

It’s important to remember that Teleparty is also free. Running a business costs money, and even Teleparty needs to have the revenue to cover its operating costs. No company besides a charity organization will provide a service out of the goodness of their hearts. 

It is clear that Teleparty does indeed collect user data, so reading their privacy policy will reveal the how and what of user data usage.

Since Teleparty Collects Your Data, They Could Share It

According to Teleparty’s privacy policy, they collect information about your service use. Because Teleparty does not specify how or what, it could include any unique identifiers, your location, and preferences. 

It means Teleparty has access to the features you’ve used, the titles you’ve viewed, and where you watched them. This information might is sharable among their service providers and vendors.

The chrome extension has now expanded its reach to allow groups of users to watch series or movies on Hulu, HBO, and Disney platforms, thanks to the popularity of the Netflix Party. Even though Netflix Party has changed its name to Teleparty, the above problems remain.

Making a different user account for this extension in your Chrome browser is wise. Linking it to your primary email reduces the possibility of leaking important information.

Is Teleparty A Kid-Friendly Browser Extention?

When someone creates a Teleparty group, Teleparty generates a unique, sharable link. As long as children do not share the link on the internet or with strangers, they will be safe from having strangers join them. 

It may give you peace of mind to know who created the link and to whom it is being sent. As such, the best possible case is that the parent creates the Teleparty room and sends the link to all the relevant parties. 

That said, there are reports on Vice that discuss Netflix Party getting hacked. While watching, viewers were redirected to Dailymotion videos regarding the extradition of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks videos about US aircrews bombing Iraqi civilians. 

Furthermore, there are reports of uninvited strangers joining Teleparty rooms without the need for the room link and sending threatening messages to the viewers using the chat feature. 


Teleparty (Netflix Party) is not affiliated with Netflix, so it’s unwise to assume that it has the same level of security. Consequently, if your account becomes compromised while using Teleparty, you won’t receive any assistance from Netflix. 

Furthermore, multiple reports indicate that some hackers can gain access to Teleparty rooms and induce hateful or threatening messages using the chat feature. Other intruders redirect videos to further political agendas, as with the extradition of Julian Assange. 

Lastly, Teleparty is transparent about the information they collect on you, but not on how they use it. Thus, how much permission you are willing to forfeit depends on you as the individual.