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Roku Low Power (Quick & Easy Fix!)

Is your Roku running low on power?

Here’s how to fix it!

According to the Roku support page, the most likely reason for the insufficient power error is the device is being powered through the tv and not the adapter. The box should include a USB cable and adapter, which should fix the error and provide enough power when plugged into the wall.

Though you can plug the Roku device into your TV and supply it with power using the TV’s USB ports, this doesn’t always work. However, the company has been helpful and brilliant enough to include a power adapter specifically for when this happens. Though this is the most common reason and solution to this error, there is the possibility that there is a different issue.

Most Common Solutions For Roku Low Power Error

What to do if the red light is flashing, or you see a "low-power" warning |  Roku

Since there are various reasons why your Roku might be giving you a low or insufficient power error, there will naturally also be other solutions. Below are the most common Roku power error reasons and their solutions.

Insufficient Power Supplied By TV

The most common reason for your Roku device to give you the insufficient power error is the device receiving power from the tv, which is not enough. Though there are USB ports on most modern TVs, they don’t necessarily push enough power through those ports to allow more power-hungry devices, such as the Roku devices, to function.

The simplest way to solve this issue is to use the power adapter give supplied by Roku to plug the device into the wall socket directly. When you first receive a Roku Streaming Device, a USB cable and adapter should be in the box. Though you might not think that you need to use this at first, it might be the best way to power your Roku with a steady connection and avoid this error.

Power Cable Connection Issue

If your Roku device already receives power through the wall socket or an adapter, and you still have this problem, there might be a problem with your power connection. This problem is usually simple to solve. Just go over the line running between the wall socket and the device itself, and ensure that everything is connected correctly and securely.

Both ends of the USB cable need to be fully pushed into their respective slots to ensure that the power output and reception are complete. If the USB cable is secure in the required spaces, you should look if the adapter is securely connected to the wall socket, as these adapters sometimes tend to slip out or move if bumped.

Faulty Or Broken USB Cable

The last widespread reason for your Roku to show you this message is because of a faulty or broken USB cable. Since your Roku device receives power through a USB cable, if the cable has sustained damage, is old, or is just faulty, the Roku device will not have enough electricity to function correctly.

If you have tried to troubleshoot the reason for the error and you haven’t found a solution yet, this might be the next step in the process. Though a bit of a hassle, finding a replacement USB cable isn’t usually too hard. USB cables are readily available both online and in many retail stores, and they do not cost too much either. However, you must buy a high-quality replacement to ensure longevity.

Another aspect to consider when buying a different USB cable is the power output. If you go onto the Roku website, you will find a guide that explains how much power your device needs to stay fully functional, and it is essential to follow these guidelines. Some USB cables supply more or less electricity than others, so ensure that you find one that suits your Roku device to avoid wasting money.

Less Common Reasons And Fixes For Low Power Error On Roku

Though we have covered the three most common reasons for your Roku streaming device to give an insufficient power error, more issues might be the cause. These issues are much rarer than the ones mentioned above. I recommend only trying these solutions if the previous ones do not work. However, if you have tried all the options below and the error persists, contact Roku or replace your device.

Power Hungry Or Broken Extensions

If you are using an older television, or some of the ports on your TV are not working as they should, there is a chance that you are using extensions to connect your Roku device. However, if one of these extensions is broken or requires more power than your Roku would usually need, this might be a reason for the low power error your Roku gives. 

I recommend that you use Roku-approved cobles and extensions and research the cables you use to power and connect your Roku to ensure that the device will work properly. Finding a replacement cable that is not compatible with your device can be very frustrating and might cause you to waste money.

Broken Power Cable Or Adapter

This problem is more common for older Roku machines, the Roku Streambar, or Roku Ultra, all of which have dedicated power supply cords that do not use a USB cable. 

If the power cable for one of these devices is broken or is too old to function correctly, you might also be receiving a low power or insufficient power error. There is also a chance that the light on your Roku box might be flashing red, which is a sign of too little power reaching the device.

If this is the problem, you should look for a high-quality replacement cable with the exact power specifications as the original one. The simplest way to get a replacement that you know will be sufficient is to buy it from the Roku website.

Software Issues With Your Roku

This reason is the least likely of all for the low power or insufficient power error. However, it is still a possibility. If you have followed all the other options and the error persists, these steps are the last recommendation before buying a new Roku device.

The first option is to unplug the Roku device and allow it time to drain completely before plugging it back into the electricity supply and connecting it to your TV. This possible solution seems simple, but it might help you save some money.

If the above possibility does not resolve the issue, you can try to reset the Roku device entirely by using the settings. This solution might help, though it is usually only viable for newer devices that still switch on when showing the error.


There are quite a few reasons why your Roku might be showing you a low or insufficient power error. Some solutions are simple and will not cost you any money, though others might cost you some cash and frustration. If none of the above-explained solutions help you with your issue, you should contact the Roku support team or consider buying a new device if yours is old.